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Demand Palestinian Reconciliation

I simply cannot understand the division within the Palestinian political makeup and I cannot understand why Palestinians are not speaking up against this division in our ranks. Here we are a people struggling to free ourselves from the cruel and unjust chains of occupation and an apartheid system under the iron fists of a brutal […]

Oppose The Israeli Three State Solution

I have written in previous articles that Israelis are excellent at using words to manipulate the thought patterns of world public opinion, especially in the United States. They have, through the use of the word “terrorist” against the Palestinians, been able to monopolize a negative opinion of Palestinians in the US, although the history of […]

Israel’s Gatekeepers and Nuclear Whistle Blower

Israel’s Gatekeepers and Nuclear Whistle Blower

The Gatekeepers, is an Oscar contender for best documentary which features six former heads of the Shin Bet—Israel’s secret service from 1980 to 2011. The film also makes the case that Israel may well be less secure and no doubt, Israel’s image has been damaged.   Four days after I signed off on the final […]