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A very special Oscar Night

A very special Oscar Night by Ray Hanania (Originally published in 2006) It was the Spring of 1978 and I was, like most Americans, sitting in front of my TV set wondering which movie was going to win the Oscar for Best Movie. The competition included: “Annie Hall;” “Goodbye Girl;” “Julia;” “Star Wars;” and, “Turning […]

Israeli journalism built on censorship, like its society

Israeli journalism built on censorship, like its society

Censorship is the foundation of Israel. It has used censorship to hide the reality of how it “exists.” That censorship has been built on keeping out facts that would expose Israel as an nation that embraces anti-civil rights practices based partly on race but mostly on religion. Normally, governments that use censorship are exposed as […]

Arab American Talk Radio — creating a national dialogue

Arab American Talk Radio — creating a national dialogue

One of the biggest problems facing the American Arab community is discrimination. American Arabs are discriminated against. It started long before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but really jumped after Israel’s creation in 1948. It’s been growing steadily, worse today than ever before. The simple fact is Americans still don’t really know who […]

With Egypt and Syria in turmoil, Jordan needs to step up to the plate for peace

With Egypt and Syria in turmoil, Jordan needs to step up to the plate for peace

By Ray Hanania In my Creators Syndicate column this week, I write about the role that Jordan and King Abdullah must play if we are to ever see peace in the Middle East. (Click here to read the column.) The problem in the Middle East is Israel. Israel refuses to recognize the rights of the […]

Arab/Islamic World unknowingly funding attacks against Obama and Arabs

Is it unknowing and unintentional, or is it just the typical kind of stupidity we have come to expect from the Arab and Islamic World governments and businesses? Regardless, the Arab and Islamic Worlds are undermining President Barack Obama and the Democratic agenda in the American elections, and undermining the process to bring peace to […]

Yalla Peace: Israel – Lonely, oh so (increasingly) lonely

Israel’s standing in int’l community continues to falter as country becomes more isolated. But things could easily change with help of its only real reliable ally, the US. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s refusal to freeze settlement expansion during the direct peace talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has reinforced a reversal of Israel’s relations […]

Palestinians must toughen up strategically to win freedom

Critics of the peace talks always ask the question, why should the Palestinian people who have lost so much give up the right to fight to get it back? The answer is simple. Do they want to fight to get it ALL back or do they want to fight for statehood? One is about a […]

Yalla Peace: Palestinians have already recognized IsraelBy Ray Hanania

The acceptance of this country is not only inherent in the Palestinians’ repeated declarations but also in the fact that their leaders are sitting down and negotiating two states.In the reality of the Palestine-Israel conflict, the field where peace is played is the United States. That “stadium,” if you look at this like a sport, […]

Arabs, Muslims and Americans have too much in common

What message should the Arab and Muslim World get from the recent declaration by an obscure and angry Florida priest who announced plans to burn a Quran (Koran), the Islamic Holy Book? That message is clear. The threat to burn the Islamic equivalent of the Bible is offensive to most Americans. But that’s not what […]

The Sept. 11th ambulance chasers

Each year that passes, activists on both sides of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist assault try to outdo each other and themselves from the past years in over analyzing the crime. This year, another “Christian” leader in Florida has declared his plans to burn a copy of the Quran (Koran), the Muslim equivalent of the […]

Avoid the misunderstandings to get to peace

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House with President Obama, they were careful not to make fun of Obama, whose popularity is lower than his bow to the king of Saudi Arabia. Netanyahu didn’t ask Obama if he celebrates Ramadan, and Abbas didn’t call Obama a “Zionist […]

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