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Campus Shootings is the New Black

“Just think tho – I’m gonna be … famous.”  This is a quote from a suicide note from a gunmen from the Omaha mall shootings. This time it’s 7 dead from a campus shooting at Northern Illinois. Because one guy wasn’t happy with his life anymore, and he couldn’t just commit suicide, he had to take a few people out […]

What are we focused on?

I really wish NBC hadn’t aired those videos and picutres of Cho. They shouldn’t have done that. He basically looks like an action hero. It glorifies him and I think gives incentive to copycat criminals. Even Cho referred back to “the martyrs of Columbine.” Stop giving him press, especially when the press is pictures of him in movie like poses with […]

Bird Flu Far from Shubra

A 15 year old girl in Shubra was just treated for avian flu. Shubra is a district in Cairo where some of my relatives live. I am going to visit them in May so remind me not to handle any domestic fowl while I’m there. Which is too bad, I was really looking forward to […]

The Watch List featuring all Middle Eastern Comedians!

Comedy Central just released my clip which is part of a groundbreaking new show called The Watch List. The show is made up entirely of Middle Eastern stand up and sketch comedy. It’s been getting a lot of media attention and if you’d like to see more from us please download the clips, and pass them along […]

Eat As I Say!

I’m not a dieter. I just can’t do it. I think it’s because my parents had a very “You will eat as I say!” philosophy.   You didn’t really have an option when growing up with Egyptians. I remember vividly the looks on my aunts faces when I said I wasn’t hungry. It was a mix of surprise and insult, […]

A Phone Call A Day…

I just got off the phone with my father. He calls me every evening at 7:30pm sharp. He’s very reliable like that. Every evening, as soon as Everybody Loves Raymond ends, my phone rings.   My friends think it’s weird.   “Your dad calls you EVERY DAY?”   Yes.   And a once a day […]

Meet Maria

Hi everyone, I’m Maria! I’m an Egyptian-American stand-up comedian from Columbus, Ohio. I am currently living in New York City, and am on stage doing stand-up almost every night of the week.   I have a weekly radio show called The Shehata Show on Mango Radio where three NYC comedians all of different backgrounds (Egyptian, Brazilian, and Jewish) talk about […]