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Demand Palestinian Reconciliation

I simply cannot understand the division within the Palestinian political makeup and I cannot understand why Palestinians are not speaking up against this division in our ranks. Here we are a people struggling to free ourselves from the cruel and unjust chains of occupation and an apartheid system under the iron fists of a brutal […]

Oppose The Israeli Three State Solution

I have written in previous articles that Israelis are excellent at using words to manipulate the thought patterns of world public opinion, especially in the United States. They have, through the use of the word “terrorist” against the Palestinians, been able to monopolize a negative opinion of Palestinians in the US, although the history of […]

Israeli Elections: Hegemony Over Homogeny

I have been trying to find something positive to write about the recent Israeli elections. I just cannot. There is simply nothing good about it. It simply is just the continuation of the status quo and that is not good for Palestinians and really not good for Israelis as well. For the Palestinians, the status […]

Are Israeli Soldier’s Terrorists?

Several days ago, a Palestinian youth turned 17 years old; he died on his birthday. While at the Occupier’s Checkpoint in ElKhalil, Palestine, the Occupying Soldiers shot him dead with numerous bullets. They then spewed the propaganda that the Palestinian youth had a toy gun and pointed it at them. How implausible is this story […]

Romancing The Stone Option

Returning to the stone was one of the options I suggested in a recent article in which I explain how Palestinians should attain parity with Israelis. I stated that Israelis need to understand the consequences of the failure of the peace talks; that if Israel perceived failure was a return to the status quo, it […]

Palestinians Must Establish Parity With Israelis

When my children were young, I wanted to instill in them the art of negotiating. I used what I call a “fixed deescalating incentive” lesson. For example, when my son wanted money I offered him $10 to cut the lawn. He would skillfully counter that he would do the chore for $20. When I would […]

Together Seeing Morality in Prosperity or Consequences

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is not about us and them, peace and security, land and water or even about religious rights; it is about morality versus injustice. Unfortunately, the Palestinians have allowed Israelis to define the conflict in those terms which benefit Israel. Consequently, Israelis have made a spectacle of the peace process that never ends […]

Soul Searching Leads to Peace

In several articles I have written about the feeling of Israeli superiority over the Palestinians. I mentioned that I believe that this feeling of superiority complicates or thwarts attempts at a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. In my discussions on various internet forums with people about this subject, I have realized that I have […]

Netanyahu’s Double Talk: Always Negotiating But Never Fully Negotiating

One does not need to be an astute politician or political guru to understand Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s lack of desire for concluding a final peace treaty with the Palestinians. Speaking to his Likud Party, Netanyahu made it perfectly clear that he really does not want peace. But if he is forced to negotiate, […]

Hatred, Superiority And The Israeli Mindset

Hatred and a feeling of superiority are two core elements that prevent a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. After 62 years of mutually inflicted atrocities against each other, the Israelis and Palestinians are seething with hatred. During these decades of authoritative rule over the Palestinians, Israelis have acquired a feeling of superiority. Getting beyond these […]

Can I Compare the Netanyahu Government to Hitler’s Regime?

I had a Facebook discussion with a Jewish Rabbi friend recently that begs the question of how far Israel’s national hysteria over the holocaust can give the right to Jews to compare one person to Hitler while denying that right to a gentile, like me, to compare a Jew to Hitler. The discussion started when […]

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