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Ft. Hood Tragedy

And finally—sorry, I hate to say it, but—we both cringe in front of the TV set during a national tragedy. We’re hoping and praying. Praying, “Dear God, please, please don’t let it be one of us!” — Excerpt FROM VEILS TO THONGS An Arab Chick’s Surivival Guide to Balancing One’s Ethnic Identity in America. p. […]

G-20 Pittsburgh – What a Waste!!!

(Disclaimer: The author does not endorse any kind of violence whatsoever, and does not minimize the importance of demonstrating on behalf of injustices and serious global issues. In fact, the author supports the right to protest – and condemns all forms of violence. Real message: protest – but don’t be stupid about it. However, for […]

Leave It To a Brotha’ to Speak the Truth! … Thoughts on Obama’s Speech to the Muslim/Arab World

VERITAS. It’s my favorite word. Veritas means Truth in Latin. I love Truth. It’s crystal clear and absolutely undeniable. I’ve always said we need a brotha’ in the White House, cos’a brotha’ will tell it like it is—that’s for damned sure. And sure enough, brotha’ was on it! Mr. Obama told it like it was. […]

Girl Auctions Off Her Virginity–Online!

And the winner is…. “We got 11,000….Do I hear 12,000? … 12 for the pretty little Romanian! ….12? ….12 for a once in a lifetime fantasy… Folks, ya can’t beat the price! … 12 IT IS to the man with the white polyester pants and obnoxious gold chain! … Do I hear 13? … 13,000? […]

Saudi Judge: OK to slap wives who spend too much

Generally, I stay out of religion and politics. I have to. It’s a matter of maintaining my sanity and a healthy blood pressure level. I used to write for the news, now I can barely watch it. My blood pressure literally soars and sometimes I get so frustrated that I can’t express myself right. FYI: […]

Restaurants, Real Estate and Retail: The Universal Language of Immigrants

THE THREE R’s *As understood by Americans: Reading Writing and Arithmetic. *As understood by Immigrants: Restaurants, Real Estate, and Retail. (Uhh … how come the immigrants managed to get the three that actually start with the letter R? Hmmm… Interesting.) We’re Business People, Straight-Up Entrepreneurs We don’t like to work for other people. It’s as […]

The Wife-Material Olympics—Live from Dubai!

Marriage is to Arabs what baseball is to Americans—their national pastime—except that it is much more fast-paced, even when the players are on steroids. It’s actually more like basketball–Hell, it’s March Madness! High speed, high energy, and rapid scoring! Double teamed at center court—Whoa! A hook-shot! Airball! Unbelievable! Rebound! She shoots and scores! Mariam is […]