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Kashmiri Women & Politics: A Collage of Her Severally-Inspected Parts

Foreword   Naseem, an ailing Kashmiri woman in Salman Rushdie’s novel Midnight’s Children, is examined by her doctor through a perforated sheet-one afflicted part at a time. She is described as a “collage of her severally-inspected parts,” a description that personifies the identity of Kashmiri women. Although media portrays them as victims positioned between the […]

Not the Usual Stereotype: Benazir’s Life & Death

The reaction to Benazir’s death is one that evokes an initial sympathy in most. Nevertheless it is followed by a vast spectrum of reactions ranging from grief to nonchalance.   While many join her estranged niece Fatima Bhutto in mourning her untimely and violent end as a person but continue to abhor her politics, many […]

Human Rights in Kashmir

As the world marked the Human Rights day on 10 th December, Kashmiris deeply mired in the repression joined the commemorations. This day serves as an extra reminder of the blood that has ceaselessly flowed nurturing the resistance against Indian occupation. It’s symbolic of the shared grief that joins countless Kashmiri fathers, mothers, sisters, and […]

Kashmiris: Facing it on Facebook

One of the supreme bastions of networking in the modern virtual world, Facebook has shown an amazing power in not only keeping friends glued but also to rejuvenate lost causes. Take the case of Kashmiris, there are numerous groups cropping up everyday on Facebook with names and missions that would not even be spelled under […]

Indian Media & Coverage of Kashmiri Women

Kashmir conflict generates a vast amount of media buzz; however as with any armed conflict the coverage comprises of extreme stereotypical imagery and which affects the audience and establishment greatly. Within these projections, Kashmiri women are represented as victims being abused by the constant strife between those fighting for Kashmir’s independence and the Indian armed […]

Indian Media & Kashmir Coverage

In the terrible predicament that Kashmir is lingeringly suffering between India and Pakistan, media has come to play a quite significant role; and why not? Media in its contemporary all encompassing role, is not only expected to report but also mediate and facilitate the narratives of conflict as has been prescribed for other conflict zones […]

Solution for Kashmir and Women’s Empowerment

Chief Minister of Kashmir Ghulam Nabi Azad, announced that a women police battalion would be exclusively raised in the state as it would “help the state to tackle women protesters.” In the recent protests staged by Kashmiri women, on issues as varied as unemployment, wages, water scarcity, and human rights abuses; it was witnessed that […]

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