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From a Somali Woman to Her Executioners

I was scared. Sometimes, I thought you would let me go, would forget about me. It had been months since you judged me and my belly got bigger and bigger. The bigger it got the closer I came to my due date, the date of my execution. I ate almost nothing and drank little, hoping […]

Why Women’s Bras Undermine the Muslim Nation

According to this article by Alaa al Aswani, author of The Yacoubian Building, Chicago, andFriendly Fire, a Somali woman was arrested and publicly flogged for wearing a bra. Her charge was that wearing a bra is un-Islamic because it is an act of deception and misrepesentation. So if you hear that Somali women gathered in the public square and […]

Why Gay Palestinians are Too Hot!

Yes, gay Palestinians are too hot to handle for the Israeli gay community! They were not allowed to speak at the recent anti-homophobic demonstration that was held in Tel Aviv following the shooting of two gay youths in the city. A representative of Aswat, the Palestinian lesbian organization placed in Haifa, was denied access to the stage […]

When the Passion is for the Regime, Not for the Women it Oppresses

Oh, could this be true? Abdel Bari Atwan, the chief editor of Al Quds al Arabi newspaper, devoted his “Opinion” column today to object to the Sudanese government’s decision to put Lubna al Hussain on trial for wearing pants. If convicted, she will receive up to 40 lashes. (see my post yesterday for details about the case). I welcome […]

An Iranian Intifada

Ahmadinejad owes the Iranian opposition big. In fact, all Iranians, even those who disagree with Mousavi’s supporters, should be grateful that they exist, that they are loud, and that they are pouring into the streets of Tehran. Because it is this green opposition which is protecting Iran from Israel and those in the US itching […]

Barak Obama and the Veil

World leaders are talking about Muslim women again. First, it was Barak Obama, and now it’s Mu’ammar Al Qadhafi. Let’s begin with Al Qadhafi. On his historic visit to Italy, the Libyan leader asked that 700 Italian women, leaders in the economic, cultural, and political fields, be assembled to hear his speech. They did. During […]

When a Man Chops Off His Penis

A man falls in love with a woman. He comes from a prominent family. She is poor. He wants to marry her anyway. But his father says no way. He tries hard to convince his dad, but the father insists. In the Egyptian cinema’s version of this story, the father (usually Farid Shawqi)  would threaten […]

Gaza’s Killjoys

Gaza is getting out of control. Now that the bombs are not falling (as much) and people have only grief, disability, illness, starvation, and embargo to deal with, they seem to be getting out of line! Here’s when the Islamists come to the rescue. Being so alert, they did it twice in the past two […]