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Burning the Quran between perceptions and realities

In the minds of hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world, it’s not a coincident that a small extremist church in Florida wants to burn copies of the Qur’an, while a huge controversy erupted in New York over the plans to build a Muslim cultural center few blocks away from where World Trade Center […]

Burning the Qur’an and Religious Intolerance in America

On 18th December 1499, seven years after the treaty of capitulation of the Muslim kingdom of Granada, Cardinal Ximeners of Toledo forcibly converted and baptized three thousand Muslim citizens and then proceeded to burn thousands of copies of the Qur’an in a huge public bonfire. Of course, there is no comparison here on the scale […]

The End of Combat Mission in Iraq,Obama’s unwinnable wars

President Obama realizes that the war In Iraq is still too early to call a “win” despite his expected speech on Tuesday in which he will declare in it the “end of combat missions” in Iraq. Obama’s Oval office speech will usher the start of the “New Dawn” mission of US troops as “advisory and […]

Politics and Racism, behind “Manhattan Mosque” Controversy

Politics and Racism, behind “Manhattan Mosque” Controversy By: Ali Younes The firestorm that erupted against building a Muslim cultural center in downtown Manhattan is a political issue. The Bill of Rights and the constitutional arguments aside, this case is serving several groups as vehicle to score political victories in the upcoming mid-term congressional elections. For […]

Obama’s Political strategy in Afghanistan, Iraq

When the Commanding General of the US forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus said last week during a television interview that the 2011 date set by president Obama to start the drawdown of troops from Afghanistan might not be attainable, everyone took notice of the General’s comments. Petraeus, of course, was speaking in confident terms […]

Why the United States Will Not Strike Iran Now.

The reasons that there will be no US war or military strike against Iran, in the near future, and under the current political environment, are that the US military command, under the guidance of its political leadership, is implementing a strategy of “deterrence” to prevent Iran from continuing its nuclear program. This strategy is based […]

Military Intelligence analysis of Afghan war documents

From a military intelligence perspective, the Wiki Leaks documents published earlier in the week are considered to be highly valuable not only as a raw military and intelligence material but also as a manual of how the US commanders operate in the battlefield and in combat situations. The documents therefore will be very helpful to […]

Understanding the Nature of Leaks

Just because Wiki Leaks published its 92, 000 secret US army documents last Monday, it does not mean that those documents contained hard truths or that they revealed any spectacular secrets the US military in Afghanistan was trying to hide from the public. Those documents should not be treated in a matter-of-factly fashion or taken […]