It’s hard to imagine, in this age where one week is seven web years, that our site has been down for over six months.  Nevertheless, ARABISTO IS BACK TO STAY!  Better and stronger than ever with the same award winning writers, and a quite a few new ones we are here to usher in a new age.  I want to thank you all: readers, writers, editors, partners, advertisers, web developers, and friends who have helped us get through the outage.

By way of re-introduction I am Ken Larson and I am your servant.  My official title is publisher but well… I consider myself a servant to such an esteemed group.  Being the publisher of Arabisto has been a wonderful journey filled with surprises, victories, crushing blows and at times overwhelm.  The humanity has been breathtaking.  This unique and loosely connected group is without question the most remarkable set of people I have ever encountered.

This is a collection of people who I would send as emissaries to another planet, representing earth, were I given the choice.  Why??   Well there are these rich experiences and  thousands  more………

A writer in Morocco explaining that she did not wear her burqa on the treadmill.   Being  patched through by acoustic couple (holding 2 cell phones together) to a political prisoner in Israel, from Bed-stuy, NY.   Receiving  27 unique volumes- from writers, columnists and readers - of published work!   - Finding out casually that one of our writers was a Pulitzer nominee at another paper - Knowing an author who has dedicated 20+ years of her life to peace with the pen at the expense of nearly everything else, writing seven books, running for public office, appearing on TV and traveling into the hot zone over and over, never giving up, never even flinching.  Many of our writers have gone on to or come from big media like  Al Jezeera and ANN.  Our stories have been picked up by HuffPo, USA Today and the Washington Post to name a few.  Our friends with Yalla Vote have contributed to crucial campaigns and reported from the road.  Comedians have spoke about us on network TV.  We have been cited by all the major news outlets.  Our good reporters in Gaza would often send dramatic pictures - first in print and let them be shared syndicated DRM FREE! –And without citation I might add-who does that??  I could go on and on about people trying with all their might to somehow help, somehow make a difference and change things, perfecting and re-tooling, aligning studying and pushing, pulling and resonating.  As I said it is breathtaking.

Why was the site down for so long?   Essentially our host provider went out of business and 2 million precious words of original writing vanished - poof.  All gone.  At least it would have seemed so.  But, through the miracle of technology and some hard working people in Dubai and Morocco, we have reconstructed some 25% of this missing text by searching for duplication and archives in every corner of the web.  And the search and rescue of these words shall continue.

But let us not lament!  Going forward Arabisto will continue to be the place that YOU make it.  A place were ALL tribes, writers and readers, commentators, and visitors are given equal voice - a voice that speaks to the true human desires that we all posses, the basic liberties that we all covet - from that crucible of crucibles - the cradle of creation and civilization, the bridge between east and west - Arabia! The Middle East! Persia! Babylon! The Levant!  Ah she is a glittering  jewel of boundless beauty.  I believe that this is the one place that holds the key to a new vision for all people.  Here abounds limitless possibility, seething with unquenchable fire.   Here are riches beyond dreams and Olympian paradise amidst, destitution and bottomless suffering.  There is the center, the place of extremes where the friction of deities, scrolls, scriptures, temples, oil and empires intersect and cross rubbing and grating one another throwing off sparks, spice, passion and love.

Write! Tell the story! Tell the truth! Shout SCREAM AND LET IT OUT!

Arabisto is your place no matter where you are. And the time is now.

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