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Mauritania country profile

Provides an overview, basic information and key events for this oil-producing, mainly desert country in west Africa

Remember the USS LIBERTY this Veterans Day

On election day in Florida’s new 5th District, 7,837 voters cast theirs for  Eileen Fleming (NPA) – U.S. House District 5 That equates to 3% of voters. The republican, Tea-Party Christian Zionist LeaAnn Kolb received 69,650 votes and 186,788 cast their vote for two more years of the now 11th term incumbent, Corrine Brown. My […]

Youtube, FaceBook, Mordechai Vanunu: Wrapping it up and Moving On

In 2005, during my first of seven investigative journeys to both sides of the Wall in Israel Palestine, I began a series of interviews with Israel’s Nuclear Whistle, Mordechai Vanunu and arranged this interview conducted by MONKEY FIST PRODUCTIONS: WeAreWideAwake.org went online three weeks after that interview while I was in Berkley, California and you […]