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The Road to Hope humanitarian aid convoy continues its role in the international community’s collective mission to break the illegal siege of Gaza and deliver desperately needed aid to the people of Palestine in Gaza.The convoy comprises 30 vehicles and 101 humanitarian aid workers.Among them are 8 survivors of the Israeli attack on the Freedom […]

An IDEA Before It’s Time But There’s Something in the Air!

An IDEA Before It’s Time But There’s Something in the Air!

Something In The Air (Dylan & Petty) Call out the AGITATOR Because there’s something in the air We have got to get together sooner or later Because the revolutions here And you know its right And you know that its right We have got to get it together We have got to get it together […]

Lovers and Friends Speak to Israel

On 28 October 2010, Dov Weisglass, wrote for Ynetnews, “Thomas Friedman is one the world’s foremost journalists and a New York Times columnist. Last week, he published an unusually harsh critique of the Israeli government over its policy on the Palestinian issue. Among other things, he likened Israel to a “spoiled child.” One NYT reader […]

Arab/Islamic World unknowingly funding attacks against Obama and Arabs

Is it unknowing and unintentional, or is it just the typical kind of stupidity we have come to expect from the Arab and Islamic World governments and businesses? Regardless, the Arab and Islamic Worlds are undermining President Barack Obama and the Democratic agenda in the American elections, and undermining the process to bring peace to […]

Soul Searching Leads to Peace

In several articles I have written about the feeling of Israeli superiority over the Palestinians. I mentioned that I believe that this feeling of superiority complicates or thwarts attempts at a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. In my discussions on various internet forums with people about this subject, I have realized that I have […]

Netanyahu’s Double Talk: Always Negotiating But Never Fully Negotiating

One does not need to be an astute politician or political guru to understand Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s lack of desire for concluding a final peace treaty with the Palestinians. Speaking to his Likud Party, Netanyahu made it perfectly clear that he really does not want peace. But if he is forced to negotiate, […]

Yalla Peace: Israel – Lonely, oh so (increasingly) lonely

Israel’s standing in int’l community continues to falter as country becomes more isolated. But things could easily change with help of its only real reliable ally, the US. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s refusal to freeze settlement expansion during the direct peace talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has reinforced a reversal of Israel’s relations […]

Hatred, Superiority And The Israeli Mindset

Hatred and a feeling of superiority are two core elements that prevent a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. After 62 years of mutually inflicted atrocities against each other, the Israelis and Palestinians are seething with hatred. During these decades of authoritative rule over the Palestinians, Israelis have acquired a feeling of superiority. Getting beyond these […]

Can I Compare the Netanyahu Government to Hitler’s Regime?

I had a Facebook discussion with a Jewish Rabbi friend recently that begs the question of how far Israel’s national hysteria over the holocaust can give the right to Jews to compare one person to Hitler while denying that right to a gentile, like me, to compare a Jew to Hitler. The discussion started when […]

Capitulation To Prior Israeli Demands Leads To More Outrageous Demands

The audacity of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has emerged once more. This time he is seeking from the Palestinians recognition that Israel is a Jewish State in exchange for a two month settlement freeze. This is yet another way to make the Palestinians capitulate without any consideration from the Israelis. It seems that the […]

It May be Time for a Saudi Women’s Ministry

The talk of establishing a Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Saudi Arabia raises exciting possibilities for Saudi women, particularly businesswomen who need unfettered access to the international business community. Yet the proposal could lead to further marginalization of Saudi women. The idea of a governmental women’s department may sound quaint in the 21st century, but […]