The End of Combat Mission in Iraq,Obama’s unwinnable wars

President Obama realizes that the war In Iraq is still too early to call a “win” despite his expected speech on Tuesday in which he will declare in it the “end of combat missions” in Iraq. Obama’s Oval office speech will usher the start of the “New Dawn” mission of US troops as “advisory and assistance” phase. This involvement with the Iraqi army and troops is stipulated by the Status of Force agreement (SOFA) and the Strategic framework agreement signed by the Iraqi government and Obama’s predecessor George Bush’s government. Unfortunately for the president, he will not be able to claim to the American people that Iraq is on the path of democratic transformation without a government in Baghdad.

President Obama is not interested in Iraq, this was not his war, he holds no intentions to continue with president Bush failed project of “ remaking the Middle East” in a “ neoconic image” . The war in Iraq is also an unpopular adventure among the American public particularly during a steep economic downturn and rising cost of funding two wars simultaneously. Obama is therefore in a situation that sees Iraq as a “wrong war” that should have never been fought, and as a “liability” that might cost him a second term through its economic cost when Americans are suffering their worst economic conditions in decades.

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