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The End of Combat Mission in Iraq,Obama’s unwinnable wars

President Obama realizes that the war In Iraq is still too early to call a “win” despite his expected speech on Tuesday in which he will declare in it the “end of combat missions” in Iraq. Obama’s Oval office speech will usher the start of the “New Dawn” mission of US troops as “advisory and […]

The NIMBY Syndrome; America’s Muslim Problem

President Barack Obama’s remarks supporting the right to build a mosque near Ground Zero reverberated across the country, nationalizing a passionate debate over the project. The dispute is the most prominent in a series of debates around the country where Muslims have sought to build mosques. From New York to California, opposition to mosque building […]

Politics and Racism, behind “Manhattan Mosque” Controversy

Politics and Racism, behind “Manhattan Mosque” Controversy By: Ali Younes The firestorm that erupted against building a Muslim cultural center in downtown Manhattan is a political issue. The Bill of Rights and the constitutional arguments aside, this case is serving several groups as vehicle to score political victories in the upcoming mid-term congressional elections. For […]

The human element in peace

Dr. Ghassan Michel Rube… EAST MEREDITH, NY – During a historical visit to Jerusalem in 1979, late President Anwar Sadat of Egypt proclaimed that the Arab-Israeli conflict is largely psychological. Inherited notions about history and deeply felt convictions about the injustices are so strong that when an Arab-American meets a Jewish-American socially they tend to […]

Obama’s Political strategy in Afghanistan, Iraq

When the Commanding General of the US forces in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus said last week during a television interview that the 2011 date set by president Obama to start the drawdown of troops from Afghanistan might not be attainable, everyone took notice of the General’s comments. Petraeus, of course, was speaking in confident terms […]

Did Arabs contribute to saving lives during the Holocaust?

Did Arabs contribute to saving lives during the Holocaust? By Ghassan Rubeiz EAST MEREDITH, NY – The current hard-line legislation considered by Israeli lawmakers to ensure “loyalty” of Arab citizens reflects tensions and mistrust on both sides of the Arab-Israeli divide. The climate is leading many to believe that maintaining equality between Arab and Jewish […]

Why the United States Will Not Strike Iran Now.

The reasons that there will be no US war or military strike against Iran, in the near future, and under the current political environment, are that the US military command, under the guidance of its political leadership, is implementing a strategy of “deterrence” to prevent Iran from continuing its nuclear program. This strategy is based […]

There are reasons to hate the burqa

Revisiting issues that I previously have written about is not something I do often, but I’m making an exception to return to the West’s most beloved human rights cause: Banning the burqa. I last wrote about pending legislation to ban burqas in Europe more than a year ago when France first proposed laws to make […]