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Military Intelligence analysis of Afghan war documents

From a military intelligence perspective, the Wiki Leaks documents published earlier in the week are considered to be highly valuable not only as a raw military and intelligence material but also as a manual of how the US commanders operate in the battlefield and in combat situations. The documents therefore will be very helpful to […]

Understanding the Nature of Leaks

Just because Wiki Leaks published its 92, 000 secret US army documents last Monday, it does not mean that those documents contained hard truths or that they revealed any spectacular secrets the US military in Afghanistan was trying to hide from the public. Those documents should not be treated in a matter-of-factly fashion or taken […]

Does the Right View Muslims as Equal Citizens?

Does the Right View Muslims as Equal Citizens? By Ibrahim Hooper Given the political right’s hate-filled and hysterical response to all things Muslim, one has to ask whether American Muslims face a future in which they will no longer be treated as equal citizens. The best example of the right’s campaign to deprive American Muslims […]

The Miracle in Albania

The Miracle in Albania Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D. I always try to count my blessings in life and I try to live by following God’s will but today I have had the most extraordinary life experience that I can only glorify God for answering my prayers of ten years. If you needed prayers answered, […]

Netanyahu visits Obama

America has an ambiguous Middle East policy. President Obama was elected to introduce change in America and Prime Minister Netanyahu was elected to preserve the status quo in Israel. When Obama receives Netanyahu on July 6, the two leaders will try their best to communicate in harmony. Their last meeting in March was problematic, and […]

The real abuse of Saudi women

I have a friend who lives under the constant pressure of her brothers conspiring  to cheat her out of her rightful inheritance after her father died. I have another friend who has accumulated some wealth only to give in to pressure from her husband to finance her mother-in-law’s comfortable lifestyle. I have another who can’t […]