edit ECESG: Haaretz lies regarding Gilad Shalit


In response to an article published a few minutes ago on Haaretz, regarding handing a package to Gilad Shalit. European Campaign to End Siege on Gaza (ECESG) expressed its deep shock as Haretz failed to maintain any kind of objectivity.

According to Arafat Madi, spokesperson of ECESG, no one rejected the offer of Noam Shalit to send a package to Gilad Shalit.

Madi told the Palestine Telegraph that ECESG is ready to carry the package to captive Gilad Shalit. He also added that no one from the organizers were contacted to explore the possibilities of taking that package.

“We are shocked of the claims published on Haaretz. The newspaper said that Gaza aid convoy refuses to deliver package to Gilad Shalit. This is mere Israeli propaganda. We are ready to send this massage or package. In return, we ask Israelis to allow Palestinian families to send their 8.000 prisoners or part of them the same.” Said Madi

There are more than 8.000 Palestinians imprisoned Israel. Since the start of siege, Palestinian families in Gaza are deprived to visit their prisoners inside Israel. Even a number of prisoners died due to Israeli illegal medical treatment.

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