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Deya Ali: Dreams derailed

I mourn the loss of my friend, Deya, who passed away in Germany on February 18, 2010, after a series of complications stemming from his long and brave fight to recover from an Israeli bullet’s shrapnel lodged in his fragile body. In January 2003, I travelled to Jordan to bring back to the US the […]

Palestinian Protesters Dress as Na’vi from Avatar (See Video)

Saudi Religious Police Continue to Struggle to Define its Role in Society

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is going through another transformation. This time the duties of members of the Hai’a are more defined and detainees and members of the public who have contact with them are to be told whether a commission staffer is acting in his official capacity or […]

The Middle East’s ‘Jack Bauer’ Box-Office Hit

The latest spy thriller to hit Egyptian cinema is“Welad El-Am.” Shot in Egypt, Syria and South Africa, the drama action movie is about a Muslim Egyptian mother of two who suddenly learns her husband is a Jewish Israeli Mossad agent. Daniel (Sherif Mounir) gives Salwa (Mona Zaki) two options – to stay or leave to […]