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Why let Islamic values get in the way of making good money?

There’s nothing like a little money to help put aside those nagging issues of principles, honor and just doing the right thing. No, I’m sorry, it’s not a little money, but $26.7 million (SAR100 million) that eases one’s conscience. I’m referring to the Rotana Media Group that just inked a deal that gives News Corp., […]

Saudi Arabia’s neglected expatriate students

While I was in Jeddah last month I received a telephone call from a young woman. She was timid, nervous, upset and desperate. She was a stranger, but her story touched me as it should touch all women. This young woman had been attending medical school in Saudi Arabia and was in her fourth year […]

The Minaret and Swiss Incivility

Please join in my heartfelt prayer for the Swiss voters who were recently stricken by the curse of Islamophobia. As a practicing Muslim, I truly do not feel that my faith or its many symbols have been irreversibly attacked by the recent vote to ban the construction of minarets in Switzerland. It is a fact […]