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From a Somali Woman to Her Executioners

I was scared. Sometimes, I thought you would let me go, would forget about me. It had been months since you judged me and my belly got bigger and bigger. The bigger it got the closer I came to my due date, the date of my execution. I ate almost nothing and drank little, hoping […]

Best Buy ad celebrating Eid al-Adha has Right Wing in a tizzy

Best Buy ad celebrating Eid al-Adha has Right Wing in a tizzy

Apparently the right wing crazies are up in arms again about the fact that it happens to be a Muslim holiday – Eid al-Adha. In fact Muslims have been having holidays for the past 1430 years so perhaps it’s not that big of a deal if a store like say, Best Buy, wants to acknowledge […]

Critical article about censorship in Emirates media

Critical article about censorship in Emirates media Courtney C. Radsch (Pasadena, CA) – I just came across an interesting article in Al-Akhbar, a Lebanese newspaper, about censorship in the Emirates and the role the governments are or are not playing in improving professionalism and transparency. Davidson discusses the obstacles to transparency and liberalization as well […]

Four Lean Years Ahead for NJ Arab Americans

By all accounts and despite the election results, 2009 shall be recalled as the year Arab and Muslim Americans in New Jersey heralded their political prowess. Arab and Muslim Democrats were very busy hosting and organizing events to maximize the community’s tribute to what incumbent Gov. Corzine has done and promised to deliver. Whether the […]

How do you say “internet” in Arabic?

How do you say “internet” in Arabic? Courtney C. Radsch (Pasadena, CA) – Egypt has apparently started registering the first Arabic-language internet domain names at dot.msr during the 4th Internet Governance Forum (happening in its very own seaside resort of Sharm el-Sheikh) in a move critics of the regime’s perspective on free speech and internet […]

The Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership challenge a “milestone”

The Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership challenge a “milestone”

The Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership challenge a “milestone” Courtney C. Radsch (Pasadena, CA) – The supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Mohamed Mahdi Akef, has decided to step down at the end of his first term in January 2010 in what blogger and activist Ibrahim al-Houdaiby calls “an important milestone for the largest opposition […]

Al Jazeera becomes leading Mideast sports broadcaster with ART buy

Al Jazeera becomes leading Mideast sports broadcaster with ART buy Courtney C. Radsch (Pasadena, CA) – According to Gulf Times, the Arabic satellite news station Al Jazeera is poised to become the largest sports broadcaster in the Arab region with its reportedly billion dollar purchase of the Arab Radio and Television (ART) network. According to […]

Please Do Not Call! On Being A Muslim American When Tragedy Strikes

I woke up last Friday morning, the day after an army doctor killed and wounded over forty people in Texas, to seven urgent messages on my voice mails. All were from news organizations anxious to quote the Muslim community’s reaction to the recent heinous killings of Army Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan. They all wanted my […]

Ft. Hood Tragedy

And finally—sorry, I hate to say it, but—we both cringe in front of the TV set during a national tragedy. We’re hoping and praying. Praying, “Dear God, please, please don’t let it be one of us!” — Excerpt FROM VEILS TO THONGS An Arab Chick’s Surivival Guide to Balancing One’s Ethnic Identity in America. p. […]

The retrial of Imam Qatanani

The good fight continues: The retrial of Imam Mohammad Qatanani Dr. Aref Assaf is Spokesman for Imam Mohammad Qatanani and Media Chair of Americans for Qatanani. Since 1999, the US. immigration authorities has, for a variety of reasons, denied Imam Qatanani’s petition to become a permanent resident. The 47 year old Imam has since 1996 […]

Dubai Media Not-So-Free Zone

Dubai Media Not-So-Free Zone

This is the notice I get when I try to access the photo-sharing site Flikr in the UAE. Or any site ending in .ir for Israel. And on a host of other sites that Emirati authorities have decided is not acceptable. And I work in Dubai Media City, a supposedly “free” zone. Apparently not a […]