AAI gathering testimony on how the economic downturn has affected you


Next Wednesday, September 23rd, AAI will present testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about the impact of the downturn on Arab Americans. The hearing focuses on several communities and how they have been affected by home foreclosures, job loss and access to credit.

Don't waste this important opportunity to tell Congress how the recession is affecting Arab American families and businesses across the country.


Email Kyle Haley at [email protected] no later than COB Thursday September 17, or call Omar Baddar, Community Relations manager, at (202) 429-9210, ext 13.

Watch Dr. Zogby's special "Town Hall" episode of Viewpoint filmed in Dearborn, Michigan last summer, where a panel of Arab Americans talked about the economy

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Christina is currently Director of Communications at the Arab American institute. She posts for b5 media and spearheads the Yalla Vote initiative. Christina has extensive background in communications, journalism, and Marketing.

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