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The Copts – Part XI

Khalil further explains that: “al-Awa condemns Coptic Pope Shenouda’s opposition to the imposition of sharia on the Copts, and the discussion of its details, saying: ‘With regard to specific issues raised by Pope Shenouda regarding sharia and its implementation, his dealing with these issues means admitting that he is entitled to discuss the subject of […]

The Copts – Part IX

Explaining this phenomenon, in a July 9, 2006 article on elaph.com, Egyptian Coptic intellectual Magdi Khalil discussed the attitude of Dr. Muhammad Salim al-Awa, a prominent figure in political Islam in the Arab world, towards Egypt’s Copts. In his article, Khalil refers to al-Awa’s recent book, Religion and Homeland – Chapters in Muslim Attitudes towards […]

G-20 Pittsburgh – What a Waste!!!

(Disclaimer: The author does not endorse any kind of violence whatsoever, and does not minimize the importance of demonstrating on behalf of injustices and serious global issues. In fact, the author supports the right to protest – and condemns all forms of violence. Real message: protest – but don’t be stupid about it. However, for […]

The Copts – Part VIII: Where does the Hatred Come From?

But where does all that hatred towards the Copts come from? What went wrong in Egypt, a country that prided itself on the assumption of peaceful co-existence between its co-religionists who fought together against foreign invaders and celebrated each other’s holidays? Where the incitement of hatred does has come from in the last decades? Many […]

Affordable Health Care for Everyone: the right idea, right now

By Dr. Samir Abu-Ghazaleh As a physician who has practiced medicine for the past thirty years, I am asked, several times a day, my opinion of President Barack Obama’s health care package. I have watched while the debate has raged on between both parties. Special interest lobbyists representing the insurance industry, pharmaceutical companies, medical product […]

From Ismael Ahmed: The moment for health insurance reform is now

By Ismael Ahmed Who among us hasn’t heard the stories of small businesses struggling to balance their books forced to cut jobs because they can’t afford the rising cost of insuring their employees? Perhaps you’re the small business owner having to make these tough choices; or the parent deciding whether you can afford to get […]

The Copts – Part VII

Do attacks on Copts have a certain pattern? The writer further claims that: “Recurring rituals: Special rituals have begun to emerge in all attacks on Copts. One of these is incitement against the infidel Copts from the mosques’ loudspeakers…Likewise, the security apparatuses are soft on the aggressors, and collaborate with them. Furthermore, telephone lines are […]


“The Last Pharaoh” dissects the political life in Egypt and Arab countries. The book raised the ire of the Mubarak’s regime as it exposes the deep corruption, grave human rights abuses, authoritarianism of the regime, and its use of anti-Semiticism and anti-Americanism. It also reveals one of Egypt’s worst kept secrets: the story of the […]

Electronic Intifada

In a small corner of a modest but well-lit room, Haseena, 45, at her spinning wheel is an archetypal image of a Kashmiri mother. She is at work by a poster-size photograph of her elder son Tanveer Ahmad Handoo who was killed in the CRPF firing last year at capital Srinagar’s Safa Kadal, during the […]

The Copts – Part VI

Is it enough to have the Sheikh of al-Azhar embracing the Coptic Pope in front of TV cameras as a Sign of National Unity as the Egyptian government claims? On that, the Egyptian writer from New York sarcastically calls it the Embracing Show. He adds that: “The Egyptian government maintains that the Copts should be […]

AAI gathering testimony on how the economic downturn has affected you

  Next Wednesday, September 23rd, AAI will present testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about the impact of the downturn on Arab Americans. The hearing focuses on several communities and how they have been affected by home foreclosures, job loss and access to credit. Don’t waste this important […]

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