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08-29-09 OctoberFest in Taybeh, Palestine

Oktoberfest in Palestine By Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D. During the 5th Annual Taybeh Oktoberfest, 3 and 4 October 2009, the Taybeh Beer tour is surely to be popular. Amazingly, people from all over the world somehow discover Taybeh and actually visit without having been enticed by major advertisements. Taybeh Beer tours are given daily […]

Seeing Israel’s Prisons through Palestinian eyes

Seeing Israel’s prisons through Palestinian eyes   August 27, 2009   By Sharon Eolis Gaza Strip <http://www.workers.org/2009/world/palestine_0903>     The Gaza Strip, populated by 1.5 million Palestinians, is virtually an open-air prison—a place of punishment and exile for Palestinians. No one can officially get in or out of Gaza unless given permission at border checkpoints […]

Why Gay Palestinians are Too Hot!

Yes, gay Palestinians are too hot to handle for the Israeli gay community! They were not allowed to speak at the recent anti-homophobic demonstration that was held in Tel Aviv following the shooting of two gay youths in the city. A representative of Aswat, the Palestinian lesbian organization placed in Haifa, was denied access to the stage […]

The 2010 Census facts: What’s in it for Arab Americans?

Census: What’s in it for Arab Americans? In less than a year, the nation will conduct its once-a-decade census of the U.S. population. The 2010 Census will ask just ten basic questions about each household—like the name, age, gender, and race of each person living there. Arab Americans, who are not a legally recognized racial […]

When the Passion is for the Regime, Not for the Women it Oppresses

Oh, could this be true? Abdel Bari Atwan, the chief editor of Al Quds al Arabi newspaper, devoted his “Opinion” column today to object to the Sudanese government’s decision to put Lubna al Hussain on trial for wearing pants. If convicted, she will receive up to 40 lashes. (see my post yesterday for details about the case). I welcome […]