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Lebanon Youth Launch Newspaper Challenging Politics, Media

In Lebanon, where divisions dominate both the political and media spectrum, a new and independent youth newspaper, is shaking up the status-quo. Sawt Ashabab, which translates to “Youth Voice” in Arabic, began as part of a media literacy project, but has evolved into the successful launch of an independent media organization challenging the country’s polarized […]

An Iranian Intifada

Ahmadinejad owes the Iranian opposition big. In fact, all Iranians, even those who disagree with Mousavi’s supporters, should be grateful that they exist, that they are loud, and that they are pouring into the streets of Tehran. Because it is this green opposition which is protecting Iran from Israel and those in the US itching […]

Barak Obama and the Veil

World leaders are talking about Muslim women again. First, it was Barak Obama, and now it’s Mu’ammar Al Qadhafi. Let’s begin with Al Qadhafi. On his historic visit to Italy, the Libyan leader asked that 700 Italian women, leaders in the economic, cultural, and political fields, be assembled to hear his speech. They did. During […]

Leave It To a Brotha’ to Speak the Truth! … Thoughts on Obama’s Speech to the Muslim/Arab World

VERITAS. It’s my favorite word. Veritas means Truth in Latin. I love Truth. It’s crystal clear and absolutely undeniable. I’ve always said we need a brotha’ in the White House, cos’a brotha’ will tell it like it is—that’s for damned sure. And sure enough, brotha’ was on it! Mr. Obama told it like it was. […]

Don’t Forget Bush, Barack

I want to start this article by praising our good President, Barack Obama. As a loyal Republican, I voted for Senator McCain in 2008 – a vote that I do not regret. However, President Obama’s outreach to Muslims, should he fulfill all promises, is a move that will eventually place him as one of America’s […]

What a Difference a Decade Can Make

When Benyamin Netanyahu last came to Washington as Prime Minister of Israel the setting was quite different. Back then, President Bill Clinton was distracted, beset by scandals that culminated in his impeachment. Republicans, who had formed a partnership with Netanyahu’s Likud party in opposition to both Clinton and the Labor Party-led Oslo Peace Process, were […]

When a Man Chops Off His Penis

A man falls in love with a woman. He comes from a prominent family. She is poor. He wants to marry her anyway. But his father says no way. He tries hard to convince his dad, but the father insists. In the Egyptian cinema’s version of this story, the father (usually Farid Shawqi)  would threaten […]