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Allah’s NBA Finals

The Orlando Magic will win the NBA Finals, primarily because Hedo Turkoglu, one of their best players, is a Muslim. Sounds surprising? A look at past history clearly demonstrates that Allah makes a point of helping teams with Muslim players in the NBA Finals. Since 1980, of the twenty-nine teams that have won the NBA […]

Gaza’s Killjoys

Gaza is getting out of control. Now that the bombs are not falling (as much) and people have only grief, disability, illness, starvation, and embargo to deal with, they seem to be getting out of line! Here’s when the Islamists come to the rescue. Being so alert, they did it twice in the past two […]

What a Difference a Decade Can Make

When Benyamin Netanyahu last came to Washington as Prime Minister of Israel the setting was quite different. Back then, President Bill Clinton was distracted, beset by scandals that culminated in his impeachment. Republicans, who had formed a partnership with Netanyahu’s Likud party in opposition to both Clinton and the Labor Party-led Oslo Peace Process, were […]

Girl Auctions Off Her Virginity–Online!

And the winner is…. “We got 11,000….Do I hear 12,000? … 12 for the pretty little Romanian! ….12? ….12 for a once in a lifetime fantasy… Folks, ya can’t beat the price! … 12 IT IS to the man with the white polyester pants and obnoxious gold chain! … Do I hear 13? … 13,000? […]

Netanyahu: Master Maneuverer

In the days leading up to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s first visit to Washington, a mini-drama, of sorts, has been playing out. The Obama Administration has made clear its intention to achieve a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and is pressing the Israeli Prime Minister to accept this formula for peace. But because […]

Obama: Squaring the Circle on the Armenian Genocide

Washington Watch Archives Obama: Squaring the Circle on the Armenian Genocide By Dr. James Zogby Posted on Sunday May 10, 2009 On April 24th, 2009, President Barack Obama issued a statement commemorating Armenian Remembrance Day—the day when Armenians worldwide recall the genocidal assault on their community that ultimately took the lives of 1.5 million in […]

Saudi Judge: OK to slap wives who spend too much

Generally, I stay out of religion and politics. I have to. It’s a matter of maintaining my sanity and a healthy blood pressure level. I used to write for the news, now I can barely watch it. My blood pressure literally soars and sometimes I get so frustrated that I can’t express myself right. FYI: […]

Al Jazeera Shows Evangelizing U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Al Jazeera recently released documentary footage of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan being urged to embark on an evangelical mission to “hunt” misguided Afgans and share the word of Jesus. Now, we all know that good, moral people of many faiths want to save their brothers and sisters from the hell fire, but should American troops […]

First Impressions Count

One hundred days do not make a Presidency. But that didn’t stop the media circus that unfolded last week. Major networks and newspapers designed “one hundred day logos,” created “scorecards,” and devoted unending coverage to an evaluation of the President’s performance. The White House continued to insist that the one hundredth day was a day […]

Covering Kashmir and Press Freedom

I write this piece with my left hand. No, I do not have the habit of being a quirky lefty, but a bamboo stick just unpeeled my fingers’ skin. And jackboots trample my clenched right hand.On my left thigh, a deep red mark bears witness to the waspish and brutal assault on me by dozens […]

Palestine Not Remembered

On the anniversary of the siege of Palestine, Palestinians worldwide forget to remember what is most important when marking this and every other past and future commemoration. They forget to fight for Palestine! They forget to fight the “right” fight.” They forget to raise their voices in unison advocating the noble cause for freedom through […]