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Jewish Modesty Patrol or Vaad Tznius

Of course I already knew that Orthodox Jews observe a modest dress code, but it was eye-opener to learn that in some ultra-conservative areas a modesty patrol– or vaad tznius– police the streets in a vigilante manner, terrorizing and belittling “immodest” Jewish women. Imagine that – someone other than a Muslim taking religious law into […]

Democrats’ and Republicans’ Divergent Views on Israeli-Arab Peace

The American electorate is deeply divided on issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with voters who backed Barack Obama and John McCain holding dramatically divergent views on the conflict, what should be done to solve it, and the role the U.S. ought to play. This is the most startling finding of a Zogby International interactive […]

Restaurants, Real Estate and Retail: The Universal Language of Immigrants

THE THREE R’s *As understood by Americans: Reading Writing and Arithmetic. *As understood by Immigrants: Restaurants, Real Estate, and Retail. (Uhh … how come the immigrants managed to get the three that actually start with the letter R? Hmmm… Interesting.) We’re Business People, Straight-Up Entrepreneurs We don’t like to work for other people. It’s as […]

Muslim Woman Named Adviser in the Obama Administration

Dalia Mogahed, an Egyptian-born American who heads the Gallup American Center for Muslim Studies, has become the first Muslim woman appointed to serve in President Barack Obama’s administration, and the first Muslim woman in hijab to be named to a position in the White House. According to an article on Al Arabiya, Mogahed, along with […]

The Wife-Material Olympics—Live from Dubai!

Marriage is to Arabs what baseball is to Americans—their national pastime—except that it is much more fast-paced, even when the players are on steroids. It’s actually more like basketball–Hell, it’s March Madness! High speed, high energy, and rapid scoring! Double teamed at center court—Whoa! A hook-shot! Airball! Unbelievable! Rebound! She shoots and scores! Mariam is […]

Redefining Terrorism

Terrorism, a policy that permits mighty nations to contain ‘enemies’, has become a term to brand an entire people. During my stay in one of the princely states of erstwhile British India—Hyderabad, I planned to buy a television set. I asked a sales boy, barely 16, in one of the biggest shopping malls of the […]

Sour Grapes Poisening the Well

In the weeks leading up to the Supreme Court decision ending the 2000 election, my brother, John Zogby, polled Democrats and Republicans, asking each whether or not they would respect the outcome of the contest and view as “legitimate” the presidency of either George W. Bush or Al Gore. Two-thirds of Democrats said that, despite […]

UK to Offer SEO Training for Moderate Islamic Groups

The Register published an article yesterday announcing plans by the British government to offer search engine optimization (SEO) training to pro-Western, moderate Islamic groups. The hope, of course, is that the moderate groups’ web sites will “flood the Internet” with “positive” interpretations of Islam which will rank high in online searches, while extremist sites will […]

A witness to an Israeli whitewash of Gaza

Recently I attended a presentation on the effects of the Gaza invasion on Israel’s future. It was given by a well-known rabbi from Israel at a synagogue near Annapolis, Maryland. The rabbi who spoke is the founder of a wonderful organization called “Rabbis for Human Rights” which does excellent work in the occupied territories. They […]