Castigation for Author Infidels in Turkey

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Recently, there’s been a call to arms over censorship. Since the Turkish government casts a wide shadow for jailing the infidels of authorship, I thought I’d resurrect my impertint ramblings about commenters who both misinterpret the penned word and misunderstand the intent behind it.

Writing about Turkey isn't always a fun time. Not only must I keep up with lots of reading and different aspects of many topics, but people send me questions by email and also leave blog comments which aren't always pleasant.

So, let's keep an open mind and re-read what we have read, lest we make hasty judgements or inaccurate interpretations. It seems many people cannot open their minds wide enough these days to search for truth when confronted with diverging opinions or understanding the many issues which plague us.

As a Turkophile of many years and an American, I can think of piles of controversy every day of the week with varying awareness of those subjects; yet, I also know that with time and technology, more information avails our intelligent senses.

I think about this because I once posted an article on Arabisto about the presidential elections and how the media focuses on trivial matters at times instead of offering solutions.

Within minutes two people had called me a Turkish-paid propagandist and a whore of the Turkish state. Whew! Mighty strong language, I thought, as I reread my post trying to figure out to whom I could have given such offense.

Everyone has an opinion, but for an educated and open society, no matter our residence, we should read and educate ourselves on many issues which the world faces.

Turkey, for one, is a quickly changing society and offers good family and societal values if one wishes to see them, not to mention embraces foreigners of every sort with open arms.

Further, Turkey isn't who she was just a few years ago: She has grown, developed, and matured. Turkey is well-noted for brokering peace among other nations and well-accepted in war-torn countries when others are not. She reflects a more open society in many ways similar to a catapillar turning into a butterfly.

Unfortunately, some people wish to curse Turkey and all Turks about remnants left over from the Ottoman Empire days. Most countries change over the decades, and hopefully for the better, learning from their mistakes and reconciling old ones not to make them again.

Those who want to change will, but many are still left behind in old ways, prejudices, torments and an unforgiving spirit.

One of the issues I mentioned as one which needs both a diplomatic and scholarly joint review is the Armenian genocide. I claim no expertise on this issue, but I do know it needs to be addressed in an open way among those it affects. With the mere mention of it, my character was encroached, and yes, I took it as a personal affront.

I had to wonder why with so little effort someone could not find a better defense or comment than to call me names. I believe it has something to do with being too lazy to educate themselves or being overly defensive about one-sided approaches to which an answer cannot come forth.

Most people do have strong beliefs about something, whether it's our religions, cultures, countries, marriage, and yes, our history. Conversely, time changes everything. What I believed twenty years ago has changed because I've changed. What about you, do you believe the same about everything today that you did some twenty years ago?

Most of the time, change can be a good thing, regardless if about genocide, secularism, democracy, or more simply, a president whose wife covers her head. We all have opinions, but we should ask ourselves: Is it an informed opinion or decision and from where did we gather our information? Maybe there are differing opinions but would it not be better to create a little peace in an already unpeaceful world.

Show some understanding today and question from where and how your opinions came to settle in your head and why I have to agree with them.

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