Israel TV Broadcasts Gazan father’s Anguish over Killing of his Three Daughters

Shortly after Palestinian widowed father, Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish was playing with his son following a Friday afternoon lunch his eldest 20-year old daughter Bisan prepared over a kerosene stove, an Israeli shell hit and killed Bisan, his two other daughters and their cousins in the girls’ bedroom, reported the Chicago Tribune. Their other cousin injured her eye. “I believe in saving lives, not killing," reportedly said Dr. Abuelaish. “My children should be the last price, the victims of peace and a cease-fire.”Dr. Abuelaish who worked as a gynaecologist in an Israeli hospital was scheduled for a phone interview on Israel TV 10. He called correspondent Shlomi Eldar before the scheduled interview screaming with tears of anguish which the channel broadcast live. One of his daughters, Bisan was a business and finance major and senior at Gaza’s Islamic University who participated in an initiative that promoted understanding among Israeli and Palestinian teenage girls in New Mexico, her father reportedly said. “They killed their dreams,” said Dr. Abuelaish. It has been 22 days since the start of Israel's Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza and 1,155 Palestinians including 370 children and 85 women have been killed along with nine Israeli soldiers and four Israeli civilians.

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