Peace in the Middle East – The Final Solution

Summary of his Article:

The two-state solution for Israel-Palestine will disappear for good if Obama doesn't move fast. Living without a solution - was understood by Israel as the key to maximizing the benefits of Conquest ( quote: Geoffrey Aronson, FMEP, the Foundation for Mid East Peace.) If the Occupying Power continues to serve as judge, jury and executioner, violence is inevitable and peacemaking out of reach. ( H S)

His advice to Obama is therefore: Act fast! There is no time to lose. Israel is the party with overwhelming military, diplomatic and economic advantages; but it dare not compromise the United States. It is wrong to the think that the warnings of earlier American Peace processors that a solution imposed by the US will fall apart: it will not if Pres. Obama advocates the same that both Israel and Palestine signed on to when they formally endorsed; UN Resolutions 242, 338, the 1993 Oslo Accords, the 2003 Road map, and the 2007 Annapolis Understanding. The concept that Palestinians must make "painful concessions" to match those that Israel is making when it finally agrees to obey the above principles is untenable. Palestine, and the Arabs have made all the painful concessions since they have agreed to surrender fully one-half of the territory awarded to them in 1948. One cannot expect them to surrender parts of the remaining 22% of the UN award. What is left !

The United States must make it clear that Israeli Occupation is not the "default" situation if the move does not go forward. To do this offers an irresistible opportunity to avoid making peace. And the US must make this clear before negotiation begin.


My Opinion:
Amen ! to all the above. But let me now, reflect upon and try to fill in the principal lacunae in the article.

Question 1: Why did Yasser Arafat at Madrid and later after the Oslo Accords; and the Arab Summit of 2002, offer such a far-reaching concession - 50% of the UN Award of 1948 - to Israel/US ?
Answer: It is a standard Chess Gambit : offer a two move advantage to you opponent which if the fool accepts it, would expose his own King in one move. Most Muslims know that the Israelis - hobbled by a total belief in the Holy Torah - dare not make the slightest concession to the people they call Canaanites, Midianites - the killing of whom is required by JWH !
Muslims are not inconvenienced by such beliefs - other than retaining the structures and the Haram esh-Sharif from which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) ascended to heaven. The rest of Palestine is simply their Home Country ( before and since their conversion to al-Islam,) ; Palestine is not the equivalent of Saudi Arabia, with its Two Holy Mosques.
On the other hand, the Israelis cannot surrender One Square Centimeter of the land that Joshua and King David conquered by G_d's bidding - including the Golan and maybe even Damascus and Amman if only they could conquer Syria; and the Trans-Jordan - which they claim was illegally withheld from them by the UN.
Question 2: Why does Prof. Seigman fear the "indefinite" continuation of Israeli occupation even if under US auspices?
Answer: This is simple: we have noticed this before in these columns. The United States has maxed-out the Chinese Credit Card, and the population of the US will not support an endless war with 1.5 Billion Muslims. And then there is Iran getting stronger by the day; and we have the Gulf Arabs, and Turkey, making surreptitious deals with them under cover of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The Arabs are not poor and uneducated anymore, notwithstanding Fouad Ajami's assertions. They can create Credit Default Swaps and instruments with the best of the West, and are able to penetrate Third World markets once the private domain of the US and the EU. And they have the overt backing of China and Russia. Finally, American Companies, including Cheney's own Halliburton have chosen to take refuge in Dubai. You get the picture. The day the Arabs institute a Samson Option of their own may come upon us.
To forestall Iranian Nuclear Technology spreading throughout the ME ( with Chinese and Russian assistance,) Pres. Bush has suggested that the US itself sell unrestricted nuke technology to them. Wonder of wonders ! What do you think the Arabs and increasingly the Turks, do with this nuclear technology !
Question 3: Are the Arabs likely to settle for Peace on the 1991 - 2002 Arab formula rejected by the West for all these years ?


Answer: They may not; we simply don't know yet. And they should not. The "Facts On The Ground" are now very different. In the last few days of his life Pres. Arafat entertained Arun Gandhi ( grandson of the Mahatma ) who discussed with him ways of breaching the Great Wall. That was then. Now there are better ways - and Hamas is showing how this may be done, as did Hezbollah in 2006. And there are even better ways; which Hezbollah may employ the next time around.
The important thing to remember is that Nuke Technology is too BLUNT a weapon to use. Israel's sea front is wide open. An attack there is eminently feasible; but it requires an independent and functioning Arab State to threaten a Nuke Attack IF Israel seeks the Samson Option.

In conclusion: Prof. Seigman is right: this IS the Last Chance for the West to settle the Israeli Problem. Israel is the West's Problem. They created Israel; they should solve it by themselves.

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