Israel Murders Hundreds in Gaza

Like so many human beings around the world, I watch in horror as the Israeli machinery of death steals hundreds of lives in the Gaza Strip. And yet, no one can reasonable claim to have been surprise. Israel has been promising a "holocaust" in Gaza for some time, and now the world is witnessing it. Israel is clearly attempting to do in Gaza what it could not do in Lebanon, destroy as much indigenous resistance as possible. It's also trying to banish the ghosts of 2006. Israel wishes to reestablish its "deterrence" since its drubbing at the hands of Hizballah. And ordinary Gazans are having to pay the price. Some 300 people have been killed and over 1000 wounded. Those numbers will continue to rise as Israel continues to strike. Make no mistake, the firing of rockets into Israel, which have killed only a handful of Israelis in the last couple of years, is merely a pretext for Israel's murderous assault. While all life is precious, Palestinians firing rockets into Israel is a desperate attempt at resistance, not a form of aggression. Once more, as ever, Israel is the aggressor. Just as it was in 2006 and countless times before, Israel pursues its racist agenda with violence and a cold determination. Israel has systematically made Palestinians' lives unbearable: it has sealed off Gaza to food, fuel and medical supplies; it assassinates Palestinians regularly; it holds over 10,000 prisoners in its prisons (including hundreds of children); and it is stealing land and resources left and right in an attempt to prevent any viable Palestinian state from emerging. In every way, Israel is continuing to make life hell for Palestinians. It is, as always, Palestinians who are thus retaliating, not Israel. It is Israel that is the aggressor, not the Palestinians. Anyone who attempts to argue otherwise, or argue that someone "both sides" are to blame, is either a fool or a charlatan. As the bombs continue to fall, let us remember that the only way to put an end to the violence is a comprehensive boycott campaign against Israel. Human rights violators do not voluntarily cease their violations. Instead, they must be made to do so. As with Apartheid South Africa, only non-violent resistance in the form of a total global boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel will raise the costs of its human rights abuses and convince Israel that its interests lie in a just peace, not in ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

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About Jonah Ayoub

Jonah Ayoub is a writer and artist living in Portland, Oregon. He was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

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