Israel Denies Entry to UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk

The press is reporting that UN Special Rapporteur Richard A. Falk, whose mandate is to investigate and report on the human rights condition of Palestinians under Israel occupation, was denied entry into Israel on Sunday.

The United Nations Human Rights Council announced Falk's appointment earlier this year.  He replaced outgoing Special Rapporteur John Dugard.  Both have been outspoken critics of Israel's crimes against the Palestinians for years.

Falk, a former professor of international law at Princeton University, arrived at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport on Sunday.  He was held by Israel authorities and sent back to the United States on a plane Monday morning.

This incident follows a familiar patter in the Palestine-Israel context.  As Israeli crimes grow more egregious, the world outcry grows stronger.  In response, Israel exerts more and more effort at silencing those who would interfere with its brutalization of the Palestinian people.  This vicious cycle was the pattern followed by Israel's erstwhile partner-in-crime Apartheid South Africa.

Thankfully, Professor Falk has said that while his inability to access the West Bank or Gaza would hamper his work, it would not end it.

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