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Peace in the Middle East – The Final Solution

Summary of his Article: The two-state solution for Israel-Palestine will disappear for good if Obama doesn’t move fast. Living without a solution – was understood by Israel as the key to maximizing the benefits of Conquest ( quote: Geoffrey Aronson, FMEP, the Foundation for Mid East Peace.) If the Occupying Power continues to serve as […]

Israel Murders Hundreds in Gaza

Like so many human beings around the world, I watch in horror as the Israeli machinery of death steals hundreds of lives in the Gaza Strip. And yet, no one can reasonable claim to have been surprise. Israel has been promising a “holocaust” in Gaza for some time, and now the world is witnessing it. […]

Peace in the Middle East ? (Part 2)

The causes of this economic crisis and the rapidity with which it developed, needs a separate discussion. But a careful perusal of the Wall Street Journal which breaks bad news gently, suggests that the long hoped for turn around has now been pushed to the first quarter of 2010 if not later. Without admitting it […]

Iraqi Journalist Forced to Apologize for Throwing Shoes

Today, Iraqi journalist Muntathir al-Zaidi was forced to apologize today for throwing his shoes at U.S. President George Bush and insulting him.  Al-Zaidi, who achieved hero status in much of the world for throwing his shoes at Bush during a press conference last weekend, was beaten by Iraqi officials and jailed in the Green Zone.  […]

Israeli Minister Mofaz Wants to Cut Off Heads of Hamas Leaders

he Palestinian Information Center reported today that Shaul Mofaz, current Israeli Transportation Minister and Former Defense Minister under former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, advocated Israel’s cutting off of the heads of Hamas’ leaders in the Gaza Strip.  This would be a supposed “return” to the “targeted assassinations” policy Israel has used against the Palestinians. Let […]

Peace in the Middle East? (Part 1)

18 December Much has changed since last September when the first intimations of of the collapse stunned the complacency of the Western World. President Sarkozy’s prophetic statement, ‘ Le Laissez-faire, c’est fini’, in spite of the disbelief of our Leaders and the Stock Exchanges of the world, has come to pass. Indeed if anything, it […]

In Lebanon, Students Find Hero In Iraqi Shoe-Thrower

*This was cross-posted on Huffington Post World* As former President Carter ended his trip to Lebanon where he spoke to a crowd of students about peace and was only interrupted by generous applause, a soon to be former President was speaking to a crowd of journalists in Iraq when he was interrupted with a kick […]

Israel Denies Entry to UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk

The press is reporting that UN Special Rapporteur Richard A. Falk, whose mandate is to investigate and report on the human rights condition of Palestinians under Israel occupation, was denied entry into Israel on Sunday. The United Nations Human Rights Council announced Falk’s appointment earlier this year.  He replaced outgoing Special Rapporteur John Dugard.  Both […]

Activists Once Again Break Gaza Siege

The press is reporting that a fourth boat filled with supplies has reached Gaza from Larnaca, Cyprus. The shipments are part of a private effort on the part of human rights activists to help bring aid and hope to the people of Gaza, who are under a weeks-long total closure. This latest feat shows the […]