Black September Part 2/2

Events seem to be moving at a pace that defies the mental capacities of the participants-never very robust, one surmises - and commentators alike. Vesuvius blew its top on Monday, September 15th, and shows every sign of gathering an intensity that is certain to overwhelm all of America's friends. The present writer is unable to provide links to the several articles and diagrams that he refers to; and requests interested readers to consult the print edition of the Wall Street Journal, September 15 onwards. Last night, Sept. 24, Pres. Bush acknowledged the fact that this catastrophe - Warren Buffet calls it a Pearl Harbor event - may involve the entire economy.
The Wall Street Journal ( which is the Home Room of the Managerial Classes of the US and a Founding Member of the 'Managerial Revolution' that has advocated an unbridled greed. This New Economics (really, the Manchester School of the 1820s-q.v.) was revived by Milton Friedman and the Neo-Con Age was inaugurated with the capture of the Economics Departments of almost all Universities, around 1972-1974. Since then, under Ronald Reagan, the theory has been buttressed with a slight modification of Fundamentalist Christianity and a militant Foreign Policy. Pres. Reagan however, knew that these annexures were only for internal US consumption: a means to win elections as his students the late Lee Atwater and Karl Rove elaborated into a Fine Art. It will be recalled that Reagan, when the bombing of a building in Beirut leading to the death of 236 Marines, wisely withdrew from Lebanon and allowed Yasser Arafat to return, angering Israel. Unfortunately, under the Bushes this restraint went missing. The Iraq War is an outcome of this misunderstanding.
Now, all of a sudden, the GOP is shocked and puzzled. The WSJ worries about the future of Capitalism itself. They know that weakness of the economy at home will lead to serious consequences abroad. Can we increase our activity in Afghanistan, punish Pakistan and credibly threaten Venezuela, Iran ... with a crumbling economy? Will China, the Arabs, Europe,SE Asia and Japan, continue to finance our way of life and our wars knowing that America may never pay it back?
As we write, the Congress is debating whether the Private Sector, Milton Friedman's Valhalla, should be protected with a $700B infusion of taxpayer money; a move that more pedestrian members of of G(od's)O(wn)Party denounce frankly as State Socialism. Search ( Sen. Bunning Bailout) and read the comments. All this in just ten days. In time, a reincarnation of John Reed the chronicler of the Russian Revolution who achieved instant fame ( " Ten days that shook the World" - for which he lies buried at the foot of the Kremlin wall), will appear to record this abject collapse of the New World Order or American hegemony into a European style Socialist State.
We heard the Angel's Trumpet, the speech of France's Sarkozy at the UN. This soi-disant conservative, who replaced the hated Jaques Chirac, pleaded for an expansion ogthe G-8 to a G-14 in contradistinction to Sen. McCain's call to expel Russia and convert it to a G-7: what perfidy! In that speech Pres. Sarkozy added an ominous note. He says Europe does not want to punish Russia with outright war as the gentle lady from Alaska, the President - in -waiting, Sara Palin threatened or even sanctions as Se. McCain said.
Thus one may question whether Sen. McCain's earlier war-cry "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran" is relevant anymore. He has now moved on to the refrain: "Drill, baby, drill" as a more likely vote getter. But there is always a "Samson Option." And there is the serious possibility that Netanyahu should he become PM, will launch a sudden nuclear strike against as many capitals of Arab countries as are accessible to his bombers. Israeli personnel had prepared an air base in Georgia but that has been largely destroyed. The conventional presumption is that the US will not permit overflights of Iraq on the way to Natanz and other Iranian sites; but there is the even chance that Israel will nevertheless less overfly Iraqi territory and nuke Iran. We recall Vice Pres. Cheney in an interview (Jan. 2005) suggesting this very possibility. It is more likely that Cheney meant it as a threat.
Recall that Bush and Cheney encouraged Olmert to attack Lebanon, and at first refused a cease-fire: Pres. Bush said that force will "clarify" some issues! But when Israel started bombing Lebanese infrastructure far from Hezbollah territory, Bush had to eat his words and permit a cease-fire. However, much has changed since Jan. 2005 - today the Saudis, the UAEand Iran are much stronger and the US has become more dependent on Arab money to finance the deficit. It is fairly certain that the US will counsel Israel not to attack Iran: but one never can tell what a people nurtured on the books of Deuteronomy and Esther will do in a religious frenzy.

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