Reject Myths about Muslims and Breakdown the Barriers to Prejudice, Part 3

Engaging people in meaningful ways has been proven to help overcome our fear and prejudices and learn about the sources of agitation, misunderstandings, and misinformation.
Dr. George Gallup from Jefferson, Iowa, and founder of the Gallup Poll, believed in the wisdom of the people. Not just American people, but people from Turkey to South Africa, China to Argentina and places in between. Thus began the search for answers to thousands of questions by real people sitting in their own homes and nations.
When Egyptian journalist Sameh Fawzy recognized more similarities than differences of religions at weddings, he found that we are, in fact, more similar as a world people. We can bridge the divides by addressing these similarities, and Fawzy gives compelling reasons why.
At the words '9/11', considered the terror event of all time on the American people, we experienced a new day in media. With it came the popular term global terror and the time when Osama Bin Laden claimed his religious rhetoric.
At the same time, many feel Bin Laden hijacked Islam, and the media has had a field day ever since. But what are the actual views of the ordinary Muslim on the street, the silent majority? How are Muslims and non-Muslims equally alike?
Do you know that Muslims and non-Muslims are neither uniformly religious nor particularly activists for any cause? Do you know that the Muslim populations only constitute about 20 percent of the world population?
Over 50,000 residents, both literate and illiterate, from over 35 countries in Asia, Russia, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, urban and deep rural small villages where no roads even go, were interviewed in their homes and over the phone answering a myriad of questions: Why do some Muslims view America with hostility? Is Islam to blame for terrorism? What are primary drivers for terrorism?
The study applied the same techniques in all areas to ensure no misleading and accuracy within +/- .03 percent along with dual translations of the original questions. Continuing today, this worldwide survey encompasses 140 countries with 90 percent sampling of the world.
This survey, paid entirely by the Gallup Poll, protects its reputation by taking no funding from outside interests and to maintain unbiased questions, answers and results.
I wanted to give you a short background of this study and hear about the responses from Muslims around the world. To refresh your memory about why I'm writing about this study, see my introductory post and the second one on my observations of this hotly debated topic.
In the meantime, you might want to check out how Turks are creating human intercultural dialogue through movies which have recently won some awards.
On Monday, I'll give some interesting facts about how Turks in Turkey responded compared to those in the West.
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