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Not waiting around for Dunkin’ Donuts

This past May, Dunkin’ Donuts caused a stir amongst conservatives as an advertisement featuring daytime TV darling Rachael Ray wearing a keffiyeh almost aired. On the front lines of the conservative attack was Michelle Malkin, whose yips and yowls contributed to Dunkin’ Donuts’ decision to pull the ad. The story received significant media coverage, with […]

Please, Not Our Civil Liberty

Are we ready to lean in as we prepare to kiss our civil liberties goodbye? If the Justice Department has a say, they might answer with a slightly adjusted version of 2008’s most popular political catch phrase: “Yes, we are”. The Justice Department is considering plans to change the rules that permit the Federal Bureau […]

The Reach Out Highway: Ways to Break Ground With Muslim Perspectives, Part 6

The final part of “Who Speaks for Islam” ends this brief series and what I had hoped would become a dialogue of thought and opinions expressed on the topic. You can watch the replay of the talk I attended on IPTV on July 17th. What do the masses of Muslims think about the West? How […]

Divide Deepens Among Egypt’s Christians and Muslims

Religious battles are all too common in the Middle East. Some might assume that Lebanon is home to the largest Christian community in the Middle East – but they would be wrong. It’s Egypt, where Christianity was introduced in the 1st century when The Apostle Mark arrived. The divide between Egypt’s Coptic Christian community and […]

East and West Share Moral, Social and Spiritual Values, Part 5

“We speak different languages; We come from different cultures; We keep different traditions. No matter who you are or where you are, You are not responsible for the past, But you are responsible for the future.” I don’t know who wrote the preceding words, but I found them apropos while writing more on Who Speaks […]

Shared Values for Generations in Turkey & America, Part 4

For generations the Muslim world has been a part of the American landscape, and living in Turkey for ten years helped me remember pieces of what we share about our religious values. Semih Akcomak reminds us again that the differences between Turks and Europeans pale when compared to the similarities. Unfortunately, in Who Speaks for […]

Reject Myths about Muslims and Breakdown the Barriers to Prejudice, Part 3

Engaging people in meaningful ways has been proven to help overcome our fear and prejudices and learn about the sources of agitation, misunderstandings, and misinformation. Dr. George Gallup from Jefferson, Iowa, and founder of the Gallup Poll, believed in the wisdom of the people. Not just American people, but people from Turkey to South Africa, […]

Marx in Gaza

At the border crossing into Gaza a middle aged woman sat next to me looking rather pale. She was accompanied by what looked like her mother, even frailer than her. Between her hands the sick woman grasped a pack of six tea glasses. It seemed a bit strange of an item to be bringing back […]

Solving the Great Religious Divide: Who Speaks for Islam? Part 2

As I sat in a room filled to capacity waiting with others to learn more about ‘Who Speaks for Islam’, I observed one thing: People 40 years of age and below are just not interested, at least not here in Des Moines. The area was humming with interest by baby boomers. Boomers who’ve already visited […]

Muslims Speak Out on Islam and Relationships with the West, Part 1

Do you know how Muslims in Turkey feel about their religion, Islam, and the relationship to how the rest of the world thinks? One of the hottest serious issues today around the world debates the question ‘Who Speaks for Islam?’ Recently, I attended just an event sponsored by the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy, headquartered […]