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Kashmiri Women & Politics: A Collage of Her Severally-Inspected Parts

Foreword   Naseem, an ailing Kashmiri woman in Salman Rushdie’s novel Midnight’s Children, is examined by her doctor through a perforated sheet-one afflicted part at a time. She is described as a “collage of her severally-inspected parts,” a description that personifies the identity of Kashmiri women. Although media portrays them as victims positioned between the […]

An Ominous Bill: Oops, they did it again? Attacking Iran & H. Res 362

A few days after millions of Americans celebrate with fireworks the day we declared our independence from Britain, a new congressional resolution will likely be introduced to the floor for a vote that may be the first step towards a fireworks display of a different form above Iran. Sorry to be a party pooper. But […]

Al Jazeera – Trouble in Morocco

Yesterday, the Moroccan government charged Hassan Rachidi, the head of Al Jazeera’s bureau in Rabat, with false reporting and conspiracy after Al Jazeera reported that five people in Sidi Ifni had been killed at demonstrations over unemployment.   Moroccan authorities claim that there were no deaths at the protests, but report that 188 people were […]