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Zawahiri threatens UNIFIL, Lebanon under the scope of Al Qaeda

The number 2 Al Qaeda leader, Ayman Al Zawahiri said on Tuesday that Lebanon will play a pivotal role in the Islamic fight against “the Crusaders and the Jews.” He was reffering to the UNIFIL forces who have been in Lebanon since the end of the war between Hizbollah and Israel in August 2006. With […]

Akram Mahdavi waiting for her execution and a “Discount” from a hosting company – The Iranian Connection

There are moments of pure joy in the blogosphere. There are times you wish you could touch the hands of people you have had the privilege to know through blogging but have never met in person. When these moments come, you are proud of being a citizen of the blogosphere. A while back, Bluehost, the […]

Defining Middle Ground: The Next Generation of Muslim New Yorkers

Please join me in congratulating Arabisto blogger Ahmed Shihab-Eldin in his nominations for two Webby Awards in the student category for the Web site: Defining Middle Ground: The Next Generation of Muslim New Yorkers. Ahmed collaborated with Tara Kyle and Bilal Qureshi on the project. They entered the contest after submitting the Web site to Columbia University’s Graduate […]