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Paris Hilton Belly Dancing in Turkey

Now this is great for a Friday laugh. Paris Hilton was in Turkey for the Miss Turkey 2008 pageant and was compelled to show the world her belly dancing skills. Paris was on hand to be part of the jury and I am assuming a fat paycheck. Close Paris, but no cigar. I’ll give her […]

The Blogoma Strikes Again

At approximately 11:00 GMT on March 18, a blogger announced that Fouad Mourtada, the young Moroccan engineer imprisoned last month for impersonating Morocco’s Prince Moulay Rachid, had been released. Shortly after, Global Voices Advocacy became the first English source to break the news. For the next few hours, bloggers continued to release commentary, while major […]

Malaysian Elections: The Launch of Badawi’s True Democracy

The world media concluded that the results of Malaysian elections were fascinating. What was more so fascinating was the media coverage which was biased before, during and even after the election results. Way before Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi dissolved parliament and called elections, media reported that elections will certainly be rigged and allegations of fraud […]