Campus Shootings is the New Black

"Just think tho - I'm gonna be ... famous."  This is a quote from a suicide note from a gunmen from the Omaha mall shootings.

This time it's 7 dead from a campus shooting at Northern Illinois. Because one guy wasn't happy with his life anymore, and he couldn't just commit suicide, he had to take a few people out with him.

And soon the gunmen's name will be released, and maybe there's a suicide note they found, and the family is interviewed, and the family apologizes deeply, and everyone discusses gun laws and security at schools, and meanwhile his face and name are all over the news on every channel and website.

Just like Columbine, just like Virigina Tech, just like Omaha...

I don't know who this gunmen is right now, but soon I'm going to find out. Soon his name and face will be everywhere. Everyone knows who all the shooters are from all the past shootings. Especially Virginia Tech. This one even took pictures of himself posing with the guns and sent it to NBC. But did the media give this guy any attention? You betcha! They showed picture after picture, and it looked so glorified it could have been a Tarantino movie poster. Why'd they put it on the news? Because someone at the station thought it was necessary. (Think of the ratings!) But I didn't gain anything from it, the families of the victims sure weren't happy about it. But luckily some other unhappy suicidal student took note and thought  "well everyone knows who he is now, I want everyone to know who I am too."

"Just think tho - I'm gonna be ... famous."

It's not just arabs who are "terrorists." They are Americans and they are worse than suicide bombers because they aren't even fighting for anything. There's no greater cause for which they are sacrificing their lives. So why are they doing it?

"Im gonna be famous." And they're right.

So tighter gun laws and security can only do so much. They'll find a way to get guns and unless we have airport style security at every entrance to every building, that won't do much either. But the media could at least stop giving the shooter so much attention. Keep them as unknown as they were before they did it. AT LEAST don't put pictures of them posing with guns on tv.

Give them one less motive.

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