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Obama’s insults in Ohio were unnecessary!

Comparatively speaking, the Jewish eligible voters in the USA are determined participators in elections but seeing the focus of the front-runners, you would think they are the main determining factor on who will win a party’s nomination for presidency! Now that the competition is as hot as it can get between Hillary and Barak for […]

What is with those wanting to kill Haniyeh?

It all started a couple of months ago when the sacked Ex-Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh came out claiming that his sacked Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahhar was planning to kill him. Zahhar in turn came out stating that despite the differences between the two, he will not kill him. To those who have insight into the […]

Campus Shootings is the New Black

“Just think tho – I’m gonna be … famous.”  This is a quote from a suicide note from a gunmen from the Omaha mall shootings. This time it’s 7 dead from a campus shooting at Northern Illinois. Because one guy wasn’t happy with his life anymore, and he couldn’t just commit suicide, he had to take a few people out […]

Muslim Charities: Unfairly Eyed with Suspicion

On the surface, things are looking up for some of the Muslim charities accused of indirectly supporting terrorism. In October, a U.S. District Court judge declared a mistrial on most of the counts against the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and several men connected to it; together, they were accused of channeling […]