The Fatalists Can Learn from America’s Drive for Change

Turnout at the primaries is great, not only on the Democrat side, but also Republican. From the outset, this American election is one of the greatest we have seen and may prove to be the greatest of all, not only because of the large numbers of voters but also the popular resolve that drove the masses out so early in the process. The American people are no longer disengaged.
This is the case because the vast majority of Americans are no longer scared of a possible repeat of 9/11 as much as they are rightfully terrified of what the USA has become on the inside front and its terrible standing amongst most other nations.
Is there a Democrat whose platform is not based on change before any other issue? Whether Barak, Hillary or John makes it to the Presidential elections and beyond there will be change in Washington D.C.
Republican Rudolf Giuliani is not about change and he surely wasn’t betting on the first two caucuses but the terrible results are nevertheless a clear message: you may as well pack it up and head back to New York than waste more big money on a big-time failed project.
Now the Republican Mike Huckabee who won Iowa, did okay in New Hampshire and stands to do better in South Carolina is all for change. Wasn’t that overjoyed man standing behind him during his victory speech in Iowa non-other than the self-declared bigot Chuck Norris? Has chuck repented his racism at the hands of the evangelical minister who wants to preach right out of the White House? Evangelists repent a lot in their course of life; especially their leaders who seem to sin more so than others. Huckabee, for example, has repented his campaign for weight loss and went public inaugurating a buffalo burger that was called after him. Joy to the world, a new burger is born.
Good news for Chuck; he can enjoy the burger even after his buddy doesn’t make it to the White House. Is that a matter of fact? Unfortunately, the last elections in which George Bush was re-elected to complete another devastating term was further proof that the most ridiculous can happen in an American election. Huckabee is all for change, but change is not always for the better!
But even that does not justify the fatalism the Arab and Muslim masses suffer whenever it comes to USA polls. “It doesn’t make a difference who wins, they are all against us,” is the typical statement you hear across the Arab and Islamic worlds.
This is not purely inherent pessimism; it is fact that every candidate will religiously declare allegiance to Israel’s interests before the outset of their campaign and history has taught the world that this specific promise is not to be broken.
Even Barak Obama, the man who ought to enjoy the support of Arabs and Muslims on count of his supposed background that offers him better understanding than other candidates, went way out of his way in making loud statements of allegiance to Israel. A sample of his declared manifesto: “Israel is our most reliable ally and the only established democracy in the Middle East. Israel's security and close US-Israel cooperation is the linchpin of so much of what we want to achieve in the Middle East.”
The abnormality of hopefuls having to go through this exercise is true because despite the fact that the future of the Arab and Islamic world is in the hands of the USA, they are the least engaged in local American politics. The fatalism they suffer has left Israel virtually alone in the lobbying playground on Middle East issues and it is very active on Islamic issues of relevance including Pakistan. How many times have Arab leaders asked Israel’s lobbies for help when they needed something from Congress? A book project can be dedicated to the subject: Israel’s generosity to the Arabs in the USA!
Fatalism is an understatement because this fact has been knowledge for decades to the sitting ducks that whine and do nothing about their dilemma. With the collective wealth of the whining disenchanted and the sizeable number of Arab and Muslim Americans who would have been engaged had they had viable organization and support, every American elections is a stark reminder of the grave stupidity on the part of those who hang around thinking the worse will inevitably come and do nothing about it. The worst comes and of course it is cause for defeatist joy: “we were right, Israel won US elections again!”
May the awakening of the American public and their drive for change succeed to form an example for the fatalists of how people can take charge and change the status quo for the better; only they need to get off their butts and do something about it. Meanwhile, the American people - alongside Israel - will win American elections this time.

(NOTE: For more quotes of candidates on Israel read past column on the subject “Pledging Allegiance to a Foreign State” at:

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