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Despite Nasralah’s gasoline, Winograd will not burn Olmert alive!

The committee investigating what really happened when Israel invaded Lebanon and had its mighty army defeated by Hizbollah in an unprecedented manner is expected to blame the government and the man leading it. The Winograd report is due on January 30th and Ehud Olmert is got to be dreading that day when his people are […]

January 30th, Solidarity of Bloggers with the Imprisoned Iranian Students

January 30th, Solidarity of Bloggers with the Imprisoned Iranian Students

A large group of Iranian bloggers have decided to show their solidarity with tens of Iranian students who are imprisoned by the administration. More information, in Persian, is given in this blog. This is the statement issued by the organizers (revised by me for grammatical mistakes in the original text), Solidarity of Bloggers with the […]

Was Bush Kidding Or Is Olmert Unafraid of Mr. Sitting Duck?

According to Israeli and American officials when George Bush was in Israel a few days ago he made it clear in his closed-door meetings with Ehud Olmert that the US wants all building of settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem stopped until peace negotiations determine the borders of the two states. It seems he […]

Not the Usual Stereotype: Benazir’s Life & Death

The reaction to Benazir’s death is one that evokes an initial sympathy in most. Nevertheless it is followed by a vast spectrum of reactions ranging from grief to nonchalance.   While many join her estranged niece Fatima Bhutto in mourning her untimely and violent end as a person but continue to abhor her politics, many […]

The Fatalists Can Learn from America’s Drive for Change

Turnout at the primaries is great, not only on the Democrat side, but also Republican. From the outset, this American election is one of the greatest we have seen and may prove to be the greatest of all, not only because of the large numbers of voters but also the popular resolve that drove the […]

Iran: Islamic Militia attacks Reformist Newspaper Office

Iran: Islamic Militia attacks Reformist Newspaper Office

Islamic militia and Basij members attacked the office of a reformist newspaper in Shiraz, Iran. The attackers destroyed the equipments and injured the staff. The incident followed a clash between the Sharia Police and people in front of the office of Today’s Analysis (Persian: ????? ???), because its staff came to their windows and watched […]

Lebanese Violence explodes in its nightlife

Its not unusual to see fistfights outside a Night Club, after hours. What’s unusual about Lebanon lately is that we are talking about a whole new level of violence. I’ve been in Beirut for less than 24 hours –and already heard stories that make me wonder: have we begun to turn on each other? “A […]