Progressive Democrats of America call for the siege on Gaza to stop

The Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) released an "action alert" on Monday, urging people to take action and call on their representatives to end the siege on Gaza.
The PDA is calling on United States elected officials to use their power and make the government exercise pressure on Israel to end the siege of Gaza, "because it is inhumane and illegal."
The PDA wrote the following: "The 1.5 million women, children and men living in Gaza are being deprived of the simplest requirements for a decent life and are literally edging toward starvation. PDA believes it is our moral duty to help protect the lives of all such innocent people whose right to exist is under attack. We need your support. This is a genuine call to rescue people, not governments or political parties. It is time to put aside partisan conflicts and unite in an effort to end the callow and needless suffering of the Palestinian citizens of Gaza."
This is good --I guess. It's a starting point, it proves that people still do care about what is humane and what is not... But is it enough? I don't think so.
Because we should be witnessing every organization out there stepping up and urging leaders, local or global, to actually ACT. There is just not enough action in this world. Everyone has meetings about everything, the UN is constantly "talking, meeting, drafting resolutions..."
But what about action? And this isn't just about acting in Gaza, although the 1.5 Palestinians who are living in these conditions absolutely need and deserve the world's attention --It's also about acting in Darfur, acting in Congo, acting in Somalia... because we hear the words and we see no action and the bottom line is, we all know, actions speak louder and words just get lost.
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