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Who killed Benazir Bhutto?

While there is no conclusive answer to who killed former Pakistani prime minister Bhutto, so far the only claim of responsibility has come from an Al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan, who posted the claim of responsibility on an Italian Web site. Al Qaeda posted the following message: “We terminated the most precious American asset which […]

Lessons from the past – Hero or traitor?

When the achievement one is striving for is not about personal popularity, a conflict between what needs to be done and what the public perceives to be right could result in a person declared a public enemy. Today, there is hardly an executive Palestinian who hasn’t been described as “traitor” or to say the least […]

The Battle of the Sexes

As children, our sense of fairness and equity is relatively simple and straightforward. When a child is given less jellybeans than his playmate, the child’s immediate response is “That’s not fair!” To him, justice demands equal treatment for like individuals, and he is entitled to justice. Social status be damned – he deserves and expects […]

Human Rights in Kashmir

As the world marked the Human Rights day on 10 th December, Kashmiris deeply mired in the repression joined the commemorations. This day serves as an extra reminder of the blood that has ceaselessly flowed nurturing the resistance against Indian occupation. It’s symbolic of the shared grief that joins countless Kashmiri fathers, mothers, sisters, and […]

Lessons from my past – Who is the enemy?

In the early eighties we had the British lefties pretty much behind us including the mainstream British Communist Party that disagreed with the PLO’s armed struggle and military operations, in line with the Israeli Communist Party (Rakah) and the Palestinian Communist Party, but they supported the cause of Palestine. It was very easy for me […]

Progressive Democrats of America call for the siege on Gaza to stop

The Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) released an “action alert” on Monday, urging people to take action and call on their representatives to end the siege on Gaza. The PDA is calling on United States elected officials to use their power and make the government exercise pressure on Israel to end the siege of Gaza, […]

This Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a Prosperous Eid

This year, the three Abrahamic religions celebrate important holidays in the same month. For Jews, it is Hanukkah, for Christians, it is Christmas and for Muslims, it is the Grand Eid.   It’s important to explain the significance of the three holidays to focus on our commonalities rather than our differences.   The least known […]

Another Gun Tragedy at a Las Vegas School Shooting

Over the last few weeks, random shootings have killed and injured over a dozen people in the U.S. –at the mall in Nebraska; at the church in Colorado; and now at a school in Las Vegas. Isn’t it about time that Americans realize that the gun laws are a serious problem?   The problem is […]

Kashmiris: Facing it on Facebook

One of the supreme bastions of networking in the modern virtual world, Facebook has shown an amazing power in not only keeping friends glued but also to rejuvenate lost causes. Take the case of Kashmiris, there are numerous groups cropping up everyday on Facebook with names and missions that would not even be spelled under […]

Slingshot Hip Hop!

Congratulations to Jackie Salloum! Her new film Slingshot Hip Hop, a documentary about Palestinian hip hop artists, made it into the Sundance Film Festival! Check Ibn Bint Jbeil for more clips of her films and commentary, and visit Zapagringo to learn how you can help support post-production neccessities for the film.

Another Activist Arrested in Iran

Another Activist Arrested in Iran

The women’s rights’ activist Jelveh Javaheri (???? ??????) was arrested today by the Revolutionary Courts. She was summoned to the court today and was arrested on charges of disrupting the public opinion, anti-regime propaganda, and spreading false news. Javaheri is a sociology graduate student and has been active in women rights’ groups for a long […]