AJE To Launch In The US – The Sequel

Al Jazeera English will launch on an American network within the next six months, according to its London bureau chief.

Sue Phillips said the channel – which is currently only available online in the US through link-ups including a deal with YouTube – is overcoming misinterpretations about its agenda that earned it “the terrorist channel” label.

“The climate has changed in the US,” she said. “We’re almost confident in saying we should be on a platform in the States within the next six months.

“There’s much more of an understanding now about Al Jazeera. The Americans are warming to us.”

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Ramzi Zakharia is a Palestinian-American blogger who was born in Beirut and is now based in New York City. He works in the media and advertising sector and has strong insights into both Arab and US media outlets. Ramzi is also very involved in the Arab-American Community and is one of the founders of the Gay and Lesbian Arab Society (GLAS). In addition to politics, his passions include media, new technologies, and the arts. Ramzi lives with his partner and dog in suburban New Jersey.

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