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Blogger Arrested for Writing about Dogs in Ahmadinejad’s Guard

Blogger Arrested for Writing about Dogs in Ahmadinejad’s Guard

Persian blogger Reza Valizadeh (??? ??? ????) was arrested for his report about expensive German dogs being used in Ahmadinejad’s guard team. On November 16th he wrote about the four dogs which are recently added to Ahmadinejad’s security team, after they were purchased form Germany for $150,000 each [Persian]. Read the complete translation of his […]

The Cyclone and the Saudi Prince

It’s Tuesday, and one of those rare weeks, where mercifully, I get to go home early and be with my family. I’m leaving work early, from my client in Sayre, Pennsylvania, going to spend the rest of the week, working from home in Dallas, and visiting friends. Black Friday’s coming up, I made a list […]

AJE To Launch In The US – The Sequel

Al Jazeera English will launch on an American network within the next six months, according to its London bureau chief. Sue Phillips said the channel – which is currently only available online in the US through link-ups including a deal with YouTube – is overcoming misinterpretations about its agenda that earned it “the terrorist channel” […]

Clinton, Obama Weigh-In on Saudi Rape Victim

Democratic presidential hopefuls have widely condemned the punishment of “The Girl from Qatif,” calling on the Department of State and President George W. Bush to condemn the sentence in the interest of human rights. So far, both the White House and the State Department have been silent on the matter, as a delicate balancing game […]

Solving the Palestinian Israeli Conflict

No issue has the same global impact as the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. During the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union twice raised their security alerts and aggressively challenged each other over this conflict. The oil embargo of the 1970s was inspired by the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Numerous militants, terrorist groups and governments around the […]

Indian Media & Coverage of Kashmiri Women

Kashmir conflict generates a vast amount of media buzz; however as with any armed conflict the coverage comprises of extreme stereotypical imagery and which affects the audience and establishment greatly. Within these projections, Kashmiri women are represented as victims being abused by the constant strife between those fighting for Kashmir’s independence and the Indian armed […]

Saudi Rape Victim Sentenced, US Remains Silent

Congress is out-of-session on Thanksgiving recess, the White House is silent and judges in Saudi Arabia have sentenced a 19 year-old Shi’a woman to 200 lashes for being gang-raped. It is claimed that although her rapists have received actual prison sentences, she is being punished for using the media to try and get her sentence […]

Justin Timberlake says goodbye in Abu Dhabi

Justin Timberlake says goodbye in Abu Dhabi By: Nadia Gergis FLORIDA, November 20 2007, (Arabisto.com): The tallest building in the world Burj Dubai tower will be home to some of the swankiest luxury apartments in the world. If you’re a diehard fan of Giorgio Armani, you can buy one of his new 144 apartments that […]

To the Judges of Qatif

Explain to me how it is just to punish a 19 year old woman who was gang raped by 7 men with 200 lashes and 6 months in prison? After an appeal – four of the rapists got off with 5-10 year sentences for their heinous crime. The three others must have been really well […]

Every Tribe, A Channel

At last count, there are over 300 TV stations currently broadcasting in the Arab world. Per capita, that’s more stations per person than any region in the world.  Here comes another one… Future News Future News will be launched on Nov. 21 as the wealthy Hariri family expands its media empire, which already comprises satcaster Future […]

Indian Media & Kashmir Coverage

In the terrible predicament that Kashmir is lingeringly suffering between India and Pakistan, media has come to play a quite significant role; and why not? Media in its contemporary all encompassing role, is not only expected to report but also mediate and facilitate the narratives of conflict as has been prescribed for other conflict zones […]

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