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Arab Americans Support the Jena 6

In May of this year, news from Jena, Lousiana spread throughout the African American and “of color” blogospheres. After black high school students enjoyed the shade of a typically “whites-only” tree on campus (on the permission of school authority figures), white students hung nooses from the tree and were given the sort of punishment that, […]

The Mirage of Moroccan Democracy

From far away, the Moroccan election results appear fair, but closer to the surface lies controversy – why did so few people vote? And were those who did vote influenced by lobbying? The elections, held on September 7, had a surprising outcome for most. The PJD (Party of Justice and Development), a moderate “Islamist” party, […]

Another Bomb in Lebanon, Another shock

This is how it happened.   I was out on the field working on a story about the Khalil Gibran International Academy. I actually thought that is what I was going to blog about today. Then I got the phone call -from my Lebanese roomate who lives in New York as well. “Did you hear?” […]

Aid for Iraqi Students: Global Partnership for the International University of Iraq turns “reconstruction” on its feet

By Dr. Terri Ginsberg NEW YORK: 18 Sept. 2007, (Arabisto.com): Beginning in August 2008, a new and unprecedented humanitarian educational project, entitled International University of Iraq (IUI), will begin operations to help rebuild and renew higher education in that war-torn country. Initiated with a start-up grant from the Social Science Research Council of Canada along […]

Rosie O’ Donnell in Jerusalem?

Rosie O’ Donnell in Jerusalem? FLORIDA, Sept. 15 (Arabisto.com): Check out Rosie O’ Donnell in Jerusalem. The man in the picture with the Donkey is obviously Palestinian. Perez Hilton reports that she may have converted to Kabbalah because of her longtime buddy Madonna. According to this report from the AP, Ashton Kutcher, his wife Demi […]

Ignorance in the US Media- Defining the “iMam”

In the mornings I listen to Fox News when I get ready for work. Before you protest at my choice of news channels, I have my reasons: one, I am on the conservative side; two, CNN annoys me; and three, no matter how much you may hate them, Fox News is the first major news […]

Last Chance for Iraq

Recently, several reports by various military experts have painted a grim picture of Iraq. The assessments differ in key conclusions, however all the experts, including Gen. David Petraeus and former Gen. James Jones agree that Iraqi forces are currently unable to take over security operations from American troops. While this assessment may be disappointing to […]

Solution for Kashmir and Women’s Empowerment

Chief Minister of Kashmir Ghulam Nabi Azad, announced that a women police battalion would be exclusively raised in the state as it would “help the state to tackle women protesters.” In the recent protests staged by Kashmiri women, on issues as varied as unemployment, wages, water scarcity, and human rights abuses; it was witnessed that […]

Between Baghdad and Gaza

The 4km stretch of land was squalid, with no water, no food and nowhere to take shelter. The strip of land truly did justice to its name, No Man’s Land. Roughly 400 refugees were located there with no way of returning where they had come from, the hell of Iraq, and without permission to continue […]

Khalil Gibran International Academy opening celebrated by AAFSC

Tuesday, September 4th was a special day in New York City, with the opening of the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA), the City’s first public school that will focus on Arabic language instruction. The Arab-American Family Support Center is proud to be associated with a school that will teach students to become lifelong learners and […]

Khalil Gibran International Academy opens today amid controversy

Khalil Gibran International Academy opens today amid controversy in New York I just had to post this afet reading this quote from Carmen Colon, who is sending her son to the Khalil Gibran International Academy — “I know for a fact that any American who learns Arabic will make tons of money,” she told CNN, “whether […]

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