The Arab Network for Kurdish Rights

Isn't it great when the youth get together and do something wonderful for their fellow humans? Yes! But sometimes, just sometimes, they need a little push to get things going. The Arab Network for Kurdish Rights is a student run group which wishes to draw attention to the internet supression of the Kurdish voice. They have an online petition started and they need people to join with them in their cause! So....tell everyone you know, to tell everyone that they know.

Help speak out for Kurdish rights!

Here is the petition, follow the link to sign it and pass along! And don't forget to watch their video!

We, the undersigned, demand that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) within the Middle East unblock Kurdish blogs and websites in order to ensure the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of information for all Middle Easterners.

As the internet is the easiest and perhaps the only avenue of free speech in the Middle East, it is imperative that it is protected from those who wish to silence it. We believe firmly that the right of human beings to live securely and speak freely must be upheld. This petition, created by Arabs, Turks, Israelis, and Iranians, shows our solidarity with the Kurds, our fellow Middle Easterners.

We feel that a positive public statement against anti-Kurd racism can help us maintain our diversity and security, as well as help all citizens of the region to reach their highest capacity for development and advancement. By signing, we hope that all citizens will enjoy the benefits of a more united community, and we are asking our government officials to help make this a reality by taking the first step forward and unblocking these websites and blogs which Kurds have the right to author and we have the right to read.

Once this petition reaches 10,000 signatures, we will officially send it to the Ministries of Information and ISP companies of Turkey, Iran, and Syria. We will also send the petition material to major news agencies in and outside the Middle East.

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