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Ahmadinejad Says Esfandiari Should Go Home

Ahmadinejad Says Esfandiari Should Go Home Elle Jerome Philadelphia, PA Tehran-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is reported as saying today that formerly-imprisoned Iranian-American scholar and director of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Middle East program, Dr Haleh Esfandiari, should be allowed to return to her family in the United States and at the very least, be permitted […]

The End of an Era

Ask any Moroccan what he thinks about King Hassan II and he will either cringe or cheer. The same can be said for Driss Basri, more commonly known as “Butcher Basri,” who served as Morocco’s Interior Minister for twenty years. Some, such as those of his hometown Settat, admired him for the economic progress he […]

Gaza and the Jordanian Option

In recent weeks the Jordanian Option has been floated in the media as a viable way forward in negotiations to resolve the current Palestinian statelessness. Haaretz ran the initial large piece explaining that Jordanian officials, supposedly with king Abdullah’s blessing, had been in Israel recently as well as Washington in order to float Jordan’s ideas […]


I remember, just over a year ago, sitting at a table at the opening of a gorgeous rooftop bar in Beirut. It was a typical Beirut Night, with drinks and friends and the whole nine yards.I remember the view: Beirut looked so beautiful. And it was, for one last night.   I remember going back […]

The U.S. media and the farcical trial of Chemical Ali

Like a distant historical footnote to the bloody tragedy raging in Iraq, the trial of Saddam Hussein’s cousin, Chemical Ali, and 14 other former lieutenants of Saddam, began this week. The prosecutor accused them of perpetrating “ among the ugliest crimes ever committed against humanity in modern history.” In a just world, George H.W. Bush […]

Iranian Scholar, Haleh Esfandiari Freed from Evin Prison

After over 100 days in captivity and months of pressure from US-Academics and the government, today Iran’s judiciary freed imprisoned scholar Haleh Esfandiari after her $3 billion Iranian rials ($330,000 USD) in bail money was posted. The $330,000 was raised by Dr Esfandiari’s elderly mother who used the deed to her home in Tehran to […]

The Importance of Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia

The daily atrocities that are committed in the name of Islam in Iraq and elsewhere and the increase in violence in Afghanistan, where a resurgent Taliban attempts to re-impose its draconian rule on the country, are a constant reminder to Muslims worldwide that the Muslim community might face an existential threat from within. The potential […]

Khalil Gibran International Academy Controversy Leaves Arab American Community Vulnerable

The controversy that surrounded the Khalil Gibran International Academy (“KGIA”) over the last few months has left me completely dismayed and utterly disheartened. The KGIA was thought to be a remarkable coup for our entire community; amidst all of the negativity thrust upon Arabs in this country over the last few years, an opportunity arose […]

The Arab Network for Kurdish Rights

Isn’t it great when the youth get together and do something wonderful for their fellow humans? Yes! But sometimes, just sometimes, they need a little push to get things going. The Arab Network for Kurdish Rights is a student run group which wishes to draw attention to the internet supression of the Kurdish voice. They […]

Arab Americans: Resist, Don’t Enlist

Arab Americans: Resist, Don’t Enlist By Nadia Abou-Karr DETROIT, 1 Aug. 2007, (Arabisto.com):   I’m disturbed by the gratuitous National Guard solicitation targeted to Arab Americans that I have been seeing in places like The Arab American News and Dearborn’s Arab International Festival. I am bombarded with these misleading, exploitative ads on TV, in the […]

Male Belly Dance in Vogue?

Forget about the attempted belly dance of Hillary Duff in her new video, I think that we have missed out on a more important topic of discussion: male belly dancing! Scrolling through the Reuter’s news site the other day I happened across an article titled “Male Belly-Dance Back in Vogue in Turkey”. Of course I […]