Esfandiari ‘Confession’ to Be Aired in Iran

Haleh Esfandiari's "confession" is to be aired on state television on Wednesday and Thursday in a program on Iranian state-run television, entitled "In the Name of Democracy."


The confessions have been widely condemned as being sensational, false, and above all coerced. Today, Dr Esfandiari and her colleague, Dr Kian Tajbakhsh, were shown briefly on a state news channel, with Dr Esfandiari dressed in a black headscarf looking haggard and showing the toll that 71 days of solitary confinement has taken.


The so-called "confession" is seen as propagandist rubbish by a regime that is struggling to maintain power in an increasingly modernized, youth-oriented culture. The interview purports, through clever editing and script writing, that Esfandiari had a role in democracy in Georgia and in orchestrating a "velvet revolution" in Iran.


For more, read the New York Times article here:

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About Elle Alexandra Jerome

A. Scheherezada Jerome is an Anglo-Ottoman Instructor of Islamic Studies at York College of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Dickinson College in 2003 with a self-developed major in Middle Eastern Studies and Spanish. In 2004, she graduated from the School of Oriental and African Studies with an M.A. in Islamic Societies and Cultures. Finally, in 2005 she finished her second M.A. in Gender and Identity in the Middle East (Summa Cum Laude) at the University of Exeter. After finishing the first stages of her postgraduate work, she was an intern in Women’s Affairs at the Embassy of Afghanistan. In addition to her academic work, she manages her non-profits, The Shaherazade Project and Women Against Crimes of Honor. She’s also the coordinator for postgraduate students in the Association for Middle East Women’s Studies. Currently, in addition to her teaching duties she is the editor of Kohl an anthology of Muslim-American women’s writing to be published in 2007 and is working on research for her second novel, Hürrem Sultan.

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