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Esfandiari ‘Confession’ to Be Aired in Iran

Haleh Esfandiari’s “confession” is to be aired on state television on Wednesday and Thursday in a program on Iranian state-run television, entitled “In the Name of Democracy.”   The confessions have been widely condemned as being sensational, false, and above all coerced. Today, Dr Esfandiari and her colleague, Dr Kian Tajbakhsh, were shown briefly on […]

As U.S. Puts On the Pressure, Iran Looks for Evidence Against Detained Academics

Iran is on a fishing expedition. They’re fishing for the rarest of beasts: indisputable proof that Haleh Esfandiari and her Iranian-American colleagues have somehow undermined the authority of the Iranian state. According to Ali Reza Jamshidi, the judiciary spokesman, the government has unearthed new evidence that is supposedly in-line with the charges levied against Dr […]

The Question of Arab American Assimilation

I was approached last week by a journalist from the UK who was doing a piece on how Arabs in the UK are being criticized for not fully assimilating and integrating into English society. She was wondering if the same “problem” existed here in the US. That got me thinking – why is assimilation and […]

Iranian Stoning Case – the Act of a Civilized Nation?

Iranian officials are extremely sensitive to Iran’s portrayal in the West and quick to respond when they feel their country has been unfairly treated. Earlier this year the government of Iran issued statements protesting the inaccurate depiction of the ancient Persians in the Hollywood film 300, pointing out that they were not, contrary to the […]