Is Abbas the new Mubarak?

So, let me see if I understand this.  Hamas kicks Fateh's ass in Gaza, and somehow this is portrayed as a victory for Fateh?  Abbas, being the loyalist to his party and bank account, immdiately suspends parliament and swears in one of his buddies as prime minister, then has the nerve to refer to the Hamas action as a "coup d'etat"?


Almost immediately he becomes the darling of the US, Europe, and the Israelis.. suddenly he is the voice of moderation according to Western media outlets known for their objectivity (insert sarcasm here).  The criminal embargo by the US and Europe is lifted as Abbas is hailed as the bright new hope for peace in the region.


So, what is likely to happen now... Abbas and his Fateh thugs will crack down on any dissent in the West Bank, as money from the US and Europe starts flowing back into the coffers of his corrupt regime.  Some symbolic gestures will be made to show that a Hamas free regime can live in peace with the oh-so-civilized Israelis.  Leftists and progressive will either flee the country or shut their mouth in fear of retribution.


In other words, Abbas will become another Mubarak, Abdallah, etc... another Arab leader who gets his marching orders from the state department.


Oh, and Gaza will continue its status as the world's largest concentration camp ensuring that another generation of Palestinians will embrace fundementalism as a form of resistance.

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Ramzi Zakharia is a Palestinian-American blogger who was born in Beirut and is now based in New York City. He works in the media and advertising sector and has strong insights into both Arab and US media outlets. Ramzi is also very involved in the Arab-American Community and is one of the founders of the Gay and Lesbian Arab Society (GLAS). In addition to politics, his passions include media, new technologies, and the arts. Ramzi lives with his partner and dog in suburban New Jersey.

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